Oscar Isaac Net Worth: What Are Some of His Well-known Roles?

Oscar Isaac Net Worth: Osсаr Isaac is a well-known American musician and actor who is 39 years old. There have been a lot of good movies he has played in, like “the Nativity Story,” and “Albo”.


Oscar Isaac Hernández was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala on March 9, 1979. Oscar, who was raised by a Guatemalan mother and a Cuban father who was a pulmonologist, moved to the United States with his family when he was five months old. He grew up in a “very Christian” Protestant family in Miami, Florida.

Oscar Isaac net worth

Despite attending a privileged Christian elementary school, Isaac rapidly earned a reputation for being highly mischievous. His exploits included defacing a mural and setting off a fire extinguisher. He did, however, develop a fondness for making his classmates laugh.

Oscar began acting in local theatre plays in Miami at an early age. During his twenties, he took part in short play festivals and formed The Blinking Underdogs, a ska-punk band. This band had a lot of success, and they even opened for bands like Green Day at one point. Isaac got accepted into the world-renowned Juilliard School in 2001. At this moment, he decided to go to New York in order to attend this prestigious school and put music on hold while pursuing a career in acting.


Oscar Isaac began earning dramatic parts in the mid-1990s. His acting debut was in the criminal drama “Milltown.” Soon after, he began appearing in television shows, and by the mid-2000s, he had acted in films such as “All About the Benjamins” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.”

He rose to prominence after graduating from the Juilliard School for his part as Joseph in the biblical epic “The Nativity Story.” During this time, he also continued his stage playing career, making a famous appearance as Romeo in a New York Public Theater production of “Romeo and Juliet.” In a later staging of “Two Gentlemen of Verona,” he also played Proteus.

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This is what happened at the Australian Film Institute Awards in 2009. Oscar won Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Balibo.” The movie “Che” also came out during this time. “Robin Hood” was a movie that he played in 2010. He played King John in the movie. Drive, W.E., and 10 Years are some of the other well-known roles from this time period.

In the past, Oscar Isaac had a good name. It wasn’t until the mid-2010s that he finally made it into the public eye, though. In 2013, he got a lot of attention for his performance in the movie “Inside Llewyn Davis.” Isaac starred with Jessica Chastain in “A Most Violent Year” after he was nominated for a Golden Globe.

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Oscar had a role in “Ex Machina” in 2015 before joining the cast of “Show Me a Hero” on HBO. He won the Golden Globe for Best Actor this time. Isaac also acted as the main antagonist in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016).

In the same year, he appeared opposite Christian Bale in “The Promise.” Isaac’s prominence led to brand endorsement agreements and a famous Nike advertisement.

Despite his booming film and television career, Oscar found time to star in “Hamlet.” This was another Public Theater production. Isaac featured in George Clooney’s 2017 film “Suburbicon,” written by the Cohen Brothers.

His 2018 science fiction comeback was “Annihilation.” In 2019, Oscar was cast as Duke Leto Atreides in Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune.”

Net Worth

Oscar Isaac’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million by the website Celebrity Net Worth. His net worth is estimated to be around $8 million, according to TheRichest. Based on this information, his net worth is likely to be in the $8-10 million range.

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While there is no recent data on his film earnings, TheRichest supplied a few figures based on how much he earned in a few earlier films. For example, they believe he earned $2,000 in 2002 for his involvement in All About the Benjamins. Then, in 2006’s The Nativity Story, he earned an estimated $130,000 from that film.

What Are Some of Oscar Isaac’s Most Well-known Roles?

Oscar Isaac, smoking a cigarette and playing the guitar on stage. Isaac was still a teenager when he won his first film part as “Pool boy” in the 1996 film Illtown. When he began acting full-time, it didn’t take long for him to land greater roles in more high-profile films.

He starred as Joseph in The Nativity Story in 2006, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe in Body of Lies in 2008, and as the villain in Sucker Punch in 2011.

Oscar Isaac net worth

Three of Oscar Isaac’s roles, though, appear to stand head and shoulders above the rest. The role of Poe Dameron in the new Star Wars trilogy brought Isaac to a global audience. He starred as Nathan in the 2014 surprise blockbuster Ex Machina and received critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nod for his role as Llewyn Davis in 2013.


Oscar Isaac proposed to Maria Miranda, a woman he had been dating for some years, in 2007. However, the couple never married, and they finally divorced. Isaac met Elvira Lind, a Danish film director, in 2012.  Lind and Isaac married in 2017, after dating for five years. They have two children together over the course of their partnership. The family will be living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 2020.


In a career spanning two decades, Isaac has starred in countless blockbusters. He is a well-known entertainer who began his career on television.

Isaac joined the casts of “The Card Counter,” “The Great Machine,” and “London,” among other films. Among these reports was Oscar playing Moon Knight in a new Disney+ series. Not only that, but a 2020 rumor said Isaac will portray Solid Snake (a well-known video game character) in a future film.

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