Any Given Sunday: Release Date, Cast, Story and Many More!

Any Given Sunday is a 1999 American sports drama film directed by Oliver Stone that follows the exploits of a fictional professional American football club.

There are NFL stars Jim Brown and Lawrence Taylor in the film as well as Al Pacino. An ensemble cast helps each other throughout the film.

Any Given Sunday

It is partly based on NFL defensive end Pat Toomay’s 1984 novel On Any Given Sunday; the title is derived from a statement in the book (also featured in the film) that a squad can win or lose on “any given Sunday,” as remarked by the fake coach Tony D’Amato.

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Many former American football players, including Dick Butkus, Y. A. Tittle, Pat Toomay, Warren Moon, Johnny Unitas, Ricky Watters, Emmitt Smith, and Terrell Owens, made cameo appearances, as did coach Barry Switzer.

Any Given Sunday Storyline

The Miami Sharks, a once-proud American football team, are fighting to enter the AFFA playoffs in 2001. Team owner Christina Pagniacci and offensive coordinator and D’Amato’s projected successor Nick Crozier have both criticized the 30-year coach.

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Injuries force “Cap” Rooney and Tyler Cherubini, the team’s backup quarterback, off the field, terminating the game. In their absence, William Beamen, the Sharks’ third-string quarterback, steps in.

Worried Beamen makes mistakes and fails to lead the Sharks to victory. But he plays better and has more confidence. Rooney says he’ll be back for the playoffs, but he doesn’t say when. That D’Amato will not give up on Rooney is great news for the footballer.

The next day, D’Amato and Pagniacci cannot agree on how the team should proceed. Pagliacci wants Rooney gone. He is his favorite. Pagniacci’s father cannot stop him from coaching, says D’Amato. Pagniacci’s father owned the team.

D’Amato and Beamen

When D’Amato is upset with Beamen, he dislikes how Beamen ignores the team’s low-risk offensive and mixes things up in the huddle during their next game.

Because of his performance, the media predicts that Beamen will be the next quarterback model. As a result, he becomes more egocentric, which creates conflicts with his teammates and coaches.

Any Given Sunday

D’Amato degrades Beamen in combat. Performing for Beamen after an interview in which he claimed entire responsibility for the Sharks’ winning streak resulted in a loss.

D’Amato is enraged when Beamen fights Julian “J-Man” Washington. To be selfish, Beamen ponders.

The Sharks’ Luther Lavay reminds Beamen how fortunate he is to be in the league and have a life outside of sports. Irritated by Pagniacci, D’Amato confronts Rooney.

As a team, Beamen is motivated by D’Amato’s pregame speech on teamwork. Rooney starts again but has a concussion after scoring.

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Rooney asked D’Amato if he could continue the game a few minutes later, and D’Amato agreed. It then enters the dressing room, and Pagliacci requests that D’Amato play Beamen. Beamen had previously assured her that he would begin the second portion when she and D’Amato fought.

They forgave him, and the squad triumphed. He informs D’Amato that he would want to devote the next game to Rooney, but he is concerned about his health.

Any Given Sunday

The Sharks finally lost the Pantheon Cup against San Francisco. Last press conference, Pagliacci thanks D’Amato. The Albuquerque Aztecs, a new expansion team in New Mexico, have hired Willie Beamen as their starting quarterback and franchise player.

Release Date

(Theaters): Dec 22, 1999, wide

Any Given Sunday was a financial success; made on a budget of $55 million, it went on to earn $100.2 million worldwide.

Any Given Sunday Cast

  • Cameron Diaz in the role of Christina Pagliacci
  • Dennis Quaid in the role of Jack ‘Cap’ Rooney
  • Dr. Harvey Mandrake is played by James Woods.
  • Willie Beamen is played by Jamie Foxx.
  • Julian ‘J-Man’ Washington is played by LL Cool J.
  • Dr. Ollie Powers is played by Matthew Modine.
  • Commissioner Charlton Heston
  • Margaret Pagniacci is played by Ann-Margret.
  • Jack Rose is played by John C. McGinley.
  • Montezuma Monroe is played by Jim Brown.
  • Luther ‘Shark’ Lavay is played by Lawrence Taylor.
  • Jimmy Sanderson is played by Bill Bellamy.
  • Vanessa Struthers is played by Lela Rochon.
  • Cindy Rooney is played by Lauren Holly.
  • Mandy is played by Elizabeth Berkley.
  • Nick Crozier is played by Aaron Eckhart.
  • Patrick ‘Madman’ Kelly is played by Andrew Bryniarski.
  • James Karen
  • Mr. Ed Phillips
  • Gianni Russo’s
  • Polito, Johnny
  • Martin, Duane
  • Tom D’Amato is played by James Caviezel.
  • O’Hara, Patrick J.
  • Sharp, Jerry A.
  • Mr. Marty Wright
  • Dick Butkus
  • Terrell Owens in the role of Terrell Owens
  • Tyler Cherubini Patrick O’Hara
  • Tight End Jamie Williams

What Does Any Sunday Mean?

In 1984, former NFL defensive end Pat Toomay wrote the book On Any Given Sunday. In the movie, the title comes from a line in the book that says that any team can win or lose on “any given Sunday,” which is also used in the movie.


Oliver Stone’s “Any Given Sunday” is a great movie about sports, but the production values almost overwhelm it. MTV-style montages, confusing sports footage, and dramatic scenes are all mixed together in the movie. It’s a wonder that the basic story hasn’t been lost.

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