10 Craziest April Fools Pranks for Boyfriends and Girlfriends!

1. Magnum condoms should be left lying about for him to locate.

Was it ever brought to his attention by your boyfriend that you slept with other guys besides him? It’s a great prank for him if that’s the case.

Disperse Magnum condoms, in particular, throughout the residence. Tell him that they’re not for him, but rather a reminder of a previous relationship with an ex-boyfriend. After that, provide him with “regular” sized condoms so that he may try them.

2. Underwear and socks with crazy patterns should be changed.

It’s important to get rid of all the neutrals and replace them with wacky patterns and vivid colors. Whenever he asks you about the new design or color of his underwear, tell him that you don’t notice it.

Saying, “I don’t get it? They’re simply white socks…?” Take a look at how annoyed he gets over a basic pair of socks and boxers.

3. Embarrassing Ringtone

Make “Milkshake” by Kelis or “Baby Shark” his new ringtone to make him blush.

Send him out on a mission with the music turned up to “max.” Call him as soon as he’s out in the open.

If he doesn’t understand that his phone is creating the noise, it will be much more humiliating for him as others keep gazing at him. Also, if you were the victim of an April Fools’ Day prank, you might like these 20 hilarious memes to cheer you up.

4. Surprise Fake Cake

Prepare two large circular meatloaves. Place one meatloaf in a pie pan, cover with mashed potato “icing,” and top with the second meatloaf. Spread whipped mashed potato “icing” over the entire “cake.” Finally, use ketchup to construct a heart or other embellishment. What a delectable dessert!

5. The chef’s kiss

Make your boyfriend a completely terrible supper. Load up his favorite chicken dish with salt or another spice, but act as though you’re really proud of the meal. See how much of the dish he can eat before telling you that it’s disgusting.

Try out some of these office pranks now that you know what pranks to do on your partner.

6. Make him a meal that he’ll never forget.

Isn’t it the thought that matters, or is it something else entirely? To get him enthusiastic about what’s to come, tell him that you’re going to make supper and that it’s going to be spectacular.

Make it appear horrible or decent, depending on your preference, so that when he eats it, he will try to disguise his emotion. Make it fun for him to try it, and then wait for him too.

7. Make a trap for the toilet.

Do you know how everyone feels drowsy in the morning and rushes to the restroom first thing in the morning? By saran-wrapping the toilet, you may create a messy prank. Your companion will be thrown for a loop when they go to the restroom and discover a not-so-pleasant morning surprise.

8. Make an irritating ringtone for his phone and turn the volume all the way up.

Change all of your boyfriend’s phone ringtones to annoying music and make him feel ashamed wherever he goes. Check to see whether his ringer is set to maximum volume. It’s much more amusing if you call when he’s at work or any other public location.

9. Throw a bunch of balloons into her room and set it on fire.

Let her dream about a room filled to the brim with balloons; when she wakes up, all she’ll see is balloons.

Buy as many balloons as you can fit into your bedroom from the dollar shop. Prepare them the night before and store them in a nearby room so you may move them to hers in the morning. Make sure to see her reaction as she wakes up.

10. Spice up her doughnuts

When it comes to donuts, especially jelly donuts, this is the ultimate trick for those who have a sweet tooth. Warm-up a doughnut with a filling, then squeeze out the jelly or cream to serve.

Fill the doughnut again with siracha or spicy sauce. Keep a small amount of jelly or cream on hand to seal the entrance, and then sit back and enjoy the show.

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