Places To Visit Around The World

One of the most searched questions on Google is likely about where people should visit on their travels around the world. Where should they go on vacation? And why should they go there? There are many fantastic locations scattered around, and with so many to visit, it naturally means there are places to suit everyone’s needs.

However, a few stand-out spots will always be worth checking out.

Places to visit around the world

Bali, Indonesia

It’s fair to say that Bali, located in Indonesia, has always been a popular place for holidaymakers and travelers. However, since 2019, that popularity has boomed thanks to the rise of Instagram. And from 2020 onwards, it became an influencer hotspot. So why are so many people so keen on Bali? Well, when you head there, you’re venturing into paradise.

The beaches are pristine, but it’s arguably the surroundings that really make Bali what it is, with a jungle-like environment going on. It’s also a lot cheaper than many other idyllic locations around the globe. Plus, everyone wants to go somewhere Instagram-friendly, right?

Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas may be the total opposite to places such as Bali, but one thing is for sure, it also does luxury, but in an entirely different way. Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, is the gambling mecca.

It has all the top casinos strewn along the infamous Las Vegas Strip, and many of them are part of resorts, which means when you need to head back to your room for some R&R, you can do so, again in luxury.

But, there is more to Vegas than meets the eye, with loads of intriguing places to visit, as well as some of the most exquisite restaurants and trendy bars to quench that desert thirst. You can also catch a show and even see the likes of Usher perform as part of their residency agreement.

Sydney, Australia

If you don’t reside in Australia, you should consider moving there or at least visiting. And everyone wants to go to Sydney. So, why?

For starters, like many great cities globally, it easily meets everyone’s demands. If you prefer lounging on the beach when the sun shines, you’re in luck.

But Sydney can also provide world-class entertainment. There’s a lot to like about Sydney, which is why so many people want to live there permanently.

More places to visit

Paris, France

We’re sorry. We know you may have come expecting a list that possibly doesn’t include Paris because it always manages to make an appearance, but we just can’t leave it out. When you’re talking iconic cities, there aren’t many that fit the billing as well as the capital of France. Again, it’s a place that everyone wants to visit at least once, with one of the reasons being there are some serious landmarks to visit.

And many of them provide perfect photo opportunities. The Eiffel Tower is, of course, the number one attraction in the whole of France and one of the most popular globally. But others, including the Arc de Triomphe, make Paris a mainstay in any list like this.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is similar to Bali in many respects. It’s quickly become popular with influencers, footballers, celebrities, and the like, and this has dramatically improved its status as one of the places to be right now.

As everyone will know, Dubai is a relatively new place compared to others. But, you could suggest that this gives it an edge because it’s more modern in some aspects.

Dubai is an iconic city with famous skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. Also, the weather is beautiful, the beaches are amazing, and there is much to see and do, including the Dubai Mall and the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

London, UK

London, like Paris, is up there in the elite iconic city bracket, and for good reason. Many people who have visited England’s capital city will support the suggestion that it’s a place that has more to see and do than anywhere else on earth. As we mentioned above, Paris has a lot of fantastic landmarks, but so does London.

And then there are art galleries, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, sports stadiums, and a whole lot more. You could also say that London has elements of Vegas too, as there are some excellent casinos to check out. So definitely a city not to be missed.

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