Non GamStop Casinos: Myths & Facts!

The world of non GamStop casinos carries with it its history and its legends. Dreamed of by many, the world of gambling has nourished literature and cinema.

From the poker table in a destroyed saloon that ends with a butt to casino robbers, we haven’t seen everything about casinos. From this sulfurous aura was born a myth around non GamStop casinos. Sulfur attracts all the devils on the planet and from Macau to Vegas, the world is jostling.

The brick-and-mortar casino kept an advantage over non GamStop casinos because, psychologically, their materiality reassured players. Having your token bucket, staff on hand, and seeing the croupier builds confidence rather than throwing a roulette wheel with a click in cyberspace.

Myths about GamStop Casinos

Most myths about non GamStop casinos are myths that you will find for online trading. Online casinos are precursors to online business. The first was born in 1995, in the UK we were still looking for Lula on the Minitel.

So the day when online casinos became obvious, people were not ready, the legislation even less and it must be said that at the dawn of Igaming, certain myths were born from a fairly certain reality. So, we won’t tell you that we were there among the first, but we arrived just before the boom as players.

The myths have seen flesh and blood, the reality we have also seen evolve to give birth to today’s world of Igaming. You could say that myths come from prehistory and that today we are enlightened by holy technology. Move along, nothing to see. Of course not. First, we like myths, they give density, matter and let the imagination work. Secondly, myths are and will remain so because you will be vigilant. And thirdly, some myths have become so over time… So let’s take a tour of these myths…

Non GamStop Casinos Aren’t Technically Reliable!

The myth about reliability: So reliability has long been a major problem for non GamStop casinos operators. In fact, they were at the dawn of new technologies. Early online casinos demanded a bandwidth resource that most connections, such as 65k, could not handle. It was therefore a lot of lags, but other joys. Betting money under these conditions was impossible for most.

We were therefore entitled to a game software download. It was long and if that made it possible to limit compatibility problems and lags, the connections were random. Here, I’m talking to you about a time when Google was not even born in people’s minds, Yahoo reigned over the very small world of the net and we heard a telephone dialing when we connected. Smartphones existed in Star Trek since the 1970s, but in real life, you needed a briefcase.

Myth of unreliablity

Anyway, in short. The myth of the unreliability of non GamStop casinos was born at this time and will last as long as technology can adapt to online games. It’s a bit like installing a 2018 hit on Windows 95. Most people would say the game doesn’t work! Click here to go through the most popular casinos, not on Gamstop.

Reliability has unquestionably taken a leap forward as technology has evolved. The games are now without download and are played in your browser. Mobility is done on the different versions whether that of Apple with IOS and Google with Android. Most, if not all, browsers are compatible. You will obviously be able to take advantage of the games on smartphones and on your tablets to play in online casinos.

Reliability is no longer a problem at all and it is even a minimum base that can scare away players. Disconnections, lags that prevent playing, it is well known and word of mouth on the web is dazzling and often fatal in Igaming.

Transparency & Fairness of Games in Non-GamStop Casinos

This idea is not new! Physical casinos have had to fight for a long time against this more or less fallacious image, stemming from news items, cinema, and literature. Online, this is perhaps what has most hindered the development of the sector. Obviously, there were black sheep, weird casinos appearing and disappearing overnight.

The bonuses were out of proportion with today, but they were traps. In reality, we can say that it was the wild west. And quickly, the big casinos in Northern Europe came together to put an end to the party and achieve the current situation.

The Reality on Transparency & Equity at Non-GamStop Casinos

We have moved from the law of the strongest to an activity regulated by the non GamStop casinos themselves, independent organizations, and state licenses and we can even add a layer with the publishers of game software who also have to pass the three airlocks. The first regulation came from the non GamStop casino operators themselves who were “fed up”, if I may say so, of suffering from the bad reputation of the black sheep!

They have therefore established rules and labels so that players can have casinos with standards on the transparency and fairness of the games. Independent organizations were born to randomly check the algorithms. States have created licenses to allow casinos to operate online in their countries. These licenses guarantee the financial reliability of casinos, as well as fairness for players.

To conclude, the myths speak to us more of ancient history than of the world of current non GamStop casinos!

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