Killing Bites Season 2: Release Date Confirmation and Many More!

Will Killing bites return for a second season? When can fans expect Killing Bites Season 2? Killing Bites (Kiringu Baitsu in Japanese) is a Japanese action, sci-fi anime television series based on a manga series of the same name.

The manga was written by Shinya Murata and illustrated by Kazuasa Sumita. So far, the manga has been serialized in 16 volumes in Hero’s Inc.’s seinen manga magazine.

The manga was turned into an anime television series by Liden Films. It consists of 12 episodes and premiered in Japan from January to March of 2018. The series was widely popular and well-received by viewers.

The first season ended on a cliffhanger, so fans are eagerly anticipating the second season. Here are the most recent updates on the release date, trailer, plot, cast, and more.

Release Date of Killing Bites Season 2

Killing Bites season 2

There are currently no plans for a second season of the show. Hopefully, the creators will give us their approval soon!

The reason for not renewing the show is a lack of source material. The original manga only had ten volumes, but now there are sixteen. The second season of Killing Bite has yet to begin production, and we will have to wait several years before we see a new episode.

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The Cast of Killing Bites Season 2

Killing Bites season 2

Based on how the first season ends, we will almost certainly see our protagonist, Yya Nomoto. He was Hitomi’s investor and had feelings for him. She did, however, murder him. He will undoubtedly return to exact revenge on Hitomi.

Hitomi Nomoto, our second protagonist, will appear next. She is the Rattle (honey badger), a hybrid who follows Shido’s orders. She appeared to be murdering Yuya, so she will be present when Yuya seeks vengeance on him.

Keiichi Shid, Hitomi’s legal guardian, is our next returning character. He possesses the ability to manage hybrid matches. He directed Hitomi to assassinate Yuya, thereby making him his adversary.

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We don’t know what the other characters are like. Season 2 will, without a doubt, introduce some new characters.

The Plot of Killing Bites Season 2

The first season’s plot revolves around the two characters, Hitomi Uzak and Yaya Nomoto.

Four Japanese Zaibatsu Conglomerates fund clandestine death contests between Therianthropes, genetically engineered hybrids with the ability to turn into animals. Unaware of his friend’s plot, Yaya Nomoto helped them in abducting and raping a girl named Hitomi.

They abducted him, but because she was an animal hybrid, she killed everyone but him. She eventually compelled him to drive to the underground battleground, where Yuya became his investor.

Several conflicts later, the subterranean battles became legal and open to normal humans as well. Finally, we saw that just as Yuya was going to express his feelings to Hitomi, she murdered him on the behest of Shido, her lust as well as his guardian. He was, however, still alive and preparing to produce additional hybrids in order to exact revenge on Shido and Hitomi.

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Why did Hitomi murder Yuya? What gain will Shido derive from Yuya’s death? How is Yuya still alive? We’re hoping for answers in Season 2. We’ll also see how Yuya seeks vengeance on Hitomi and the other members of Killing bites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we find the series to watch?

Season 2 of Killing Bites is currently available on Amazon Prime, as well as Anime-Planet and Crunchyroll.

Is Killing Bites dubbed in English?

No way, not yet. You can, however, watch it with English subtitles.

What is the Killing Bites series’ IMDB rating?

The series did not receive a positive response from the audience. It received widespread criticism from viewers and received only a 6.3 out of 10 ratings.

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