Snoop Dogg Net Worth in 2022?: All Updates of His Musical Career to Wife!

Snoop Dogg Net Worth in 2022: Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. (born October 20, 1971) is an American rapper, composer, media personality, actor, and entrepreneur best known as Snoop Dogg (formerly Snoop Doggy Dogg and briefly Snoop Lion).

His career began in 1992, when he appeared on Dr. Dre’s debut solo single “Deep Cover,” followed by Dre’s breakthrough solo album, The Chronic. Broadus has sold over 23 million albums in the United States and 35 million albums globally since his debut.

Early Life

Snoop Dogg was born on October 20, 1971, in Long Beach, California. Caleb Cordozar Broadus was Broadus’ stepfather. Three months after his birth, his parents, Vernell Varnado and Beverly Tate abandoned him. Beverly and Calvin split, leaving Broadus to raise his son alone.

Broadus was a devout Christian who began singing and playing the piano at his local church at a young age. He was a hardworking student and football player who worked odd jobs around town to assist his mother make ends meet.

South Beach, California, at the time, was teeming with gangbangers and drug traffickers, and Broadus would eventually become a part of that scene. He became a member of the Rollin 20s Crip gang on Long Beach’s east side.

He was frequently in trouble with the law, and shortly after graduating from Long Beach Polytechnic High School, he was arrested for cocaine possession.

Throughout his troubles, he found refuge in music, and people would gather around him at school to listen to him rap, giving him hope that he could build a name for himself in the music industry. He went on to channel that confidence and become one of the best rappers of all time.


Snoop Dogg Net Worth in 2022

Broadus got the name “Snoopy” from his mother since he was obsessed with the Peanuts comic character. He’d remain with it and utilize it as the basis for his stage moniker, Snoop Doggy Dog.

He made his first homemade tapes with his cousins Nate Dogg and Lil 1/2 Dead, as well as his friend Warren G. The four, would form the rap group 213, called after Long Beach’s area code.

Snoop would shine on 213’s mixtape, which he freestyled over Hold on by famed R&B group En Vogue. The tune wowed prominent producer Dr. Dre, who co-founded Death Row Records. In 1992, he persuaded Snoop to join the company.

Net Worth of Snoop Dogg in 2022?

According to Wealthy Gorilla, Snoop has a net worth of $150 million as of 2022. He is also one of the world’s 30 richest rappers.

Snoop has not only established himself as one of the industry’s top musicians, but he has also acted in films and television episodes such as Mac and Devin Go to High School, Half Baked, and Bruno.


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In 2005, he established the Snoop Youngsters Football League to assist at-risk youth in Southern California.

Over the years, the singer has been involved in a number of commercial initiatives, including the 2013 launching of an app called Snoopy.

In 2015, he created Leafs by Snoop, a Cannabis-related brand. The next year, he announced the formation of Merry Jane, a new digital media company.

In 2019, he founded the “Gangsta Gaming League,” his own esports league.

Who Is Snoop Dogg’s Wife?

Shante Monique Broadus, born in 1971, has an impressive resume focused on making great things happen for talented people. Shante officially became Snoop Dogg’s manager in 2021, a significant responsibility given the musician’s involvement in TV, clothes, cannabis, video games, mobile apps, and more, much more.

Snoop Dogg wife

Still, being Snoop’s manager is a position she’s definitely been training for since the ’90s. “Shante has been managing my career behind the scenes since day one,” the rapper said in a press release, according to Forbes. “She has always been my final gut check on all my decisions, and I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for her.” I am delighted to have her as my official manager, and we are working together to grow the Snoop Dogg business.”

Broadus, for one, is overjoyed with her new role, as she told W Magazine. “He knows he can always rely on me.” So he wanted the rest of the world to know he had his wife by his side, assisting him,” she explained. “He desired a strong female leader.” That is, of course, me. “I’m the lady in charge.”

Snoop Dogg Music Career

Snoop Dogg debuted as a solo artist in the early 1990s. He collaborated with Dr. Dre, a fellow Southern California native, on his debut album Doggystyle. The success of singles like “Gin and Juice” put him on the map at a period when East Coast rappers dominated rap and the West Coast was eager to recapture its throne.

Snoop worked tirelessly for the following two decades to cement his place in hip-hop history. In the 1990s, he released the albums Tha Doggfather, Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told, and No Limit Top Dogg. With albums like Tha Last Meal, Paid Da Cost to Be Da Bo$$, and R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece, his career extended into the new millennium. Snoop got his first No. 1 success of his career in 2004 with “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” a Pharrell Williams collaboration that served as the album’s first single.

Since the beginning of the century, Snoop has released a new album every year or two. From Da Streets, 2 da Suites, his most recent album, was released in 2021.

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Snoop Dogg’s Business Ventures With Martha Stewart

Snoop Dogg ventured farther into the field of media in the 2000s, even directing a pornographic film dubbed Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle. In recent years, he’s demonstrated that he’s much more than just someone who knows the entertainment world inside and out.

In 2015, he collaborated with the Canadian cannabis company Canopy to launch Leafs by Snoop, his own line of cannabis flower products. That same year, he invested in Eaze, a cannabis delivery firm based in California. Naturally, as someone who has been synonymous with marijuana, the business move came as no surprise — and other celebrities, such as Willie Nelson, have since followed suit.

Jay-Z introduced Monogram, his own cannabis label, in 2021. Snoop became the first major celebrity to brand and advertise a range of legal marijuana products with the debut of Leafs.

Snoop Dogg also stepped into the video game industry in 2019, launching the Gangsta Gaming League, his own esports league. He’s hardly the first celebrity to experiment in esports: Drake, The Weeknd, and Jennifer Lopez have all made investments in the burgeoning esports business.

And, of course, who can forget his Martha Stewart-hosted VH1 show, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party? The show aired for three seasons and even inspired a recipe, but it hasn’t been shown since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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In the Earlier, Who Owned Death Row Records?

MNRK Music Group-owned Death Row Records until Snoop Dogg purchased it.

Founders included Dre, Suge, The DOC, and Dick Griffey in 1992, when they set up shop in New York City.

After losing a number of high-profile musicians, the label began to crumble and was eventually sold to WIDEawake Entertainment for $18 million in January 2009.

After WIDEawake went bankrupt in 2012, Entertainment One repurchased it.

Until now, the terms of the latest arrangement have not been revealed.

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Television and Films

Snoop Dogg became a huge star and a sought-after for people around the world. Because of his distinctive look and charisma, he was an ideal choice for the big screen.

Many films and television shows have featured Snoop in minor appearances since 1994. He did, however, star in films such as The Wash, Bones, and Mac and Dev Go to High School starring Wiz Khalifa.

Doggy Fizzie Television, Dogg After Dark, and Snoop Dawg Father Hood were among the television shows he appeared in. He thrived in each position because he was given the freedom to be himself.

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