ALLBLK Show, Double Cross Season 4: Release Date | Updates!

On February 3, 2022, the third season of Double Cross premiered on ALLBLK.  If you enjoyed the previous season, we hope you will be interested in Double Cross Season 4. The Shahab will provide you with all the details you need about the upcoming season without giving any spoilers.

Release Date of Double Cross Season 4

double cross season 2

By the year 2023, Double Cross Season 4 is expected to be released. In anticipation of the upcoming season of DOUBLE CROSS, everyone is looking forward to this web series’ comeback.

Season 3 of Double Cross left many mysteries unsolved, which fostered a sense of suspense for Season 4. As of right now, there is no official word on when Double Cross Season 4 will launch, but we have been able to obtain information on the premiere from multiple reputable sources. We will keep you up to date on the release date of the future season.

Season 4 will air on ALL BLK in late 2022, according to the creators, although this is not an official release date from the studio. In addition, the release date was decided by evaluating all of the social media news and cast responses.

After all, is said and done, this is essentially the planned release date for DOUBLE CROSS SEASON 4. However, because of the influence of Covid, this may be postponed. We will keep you updated on any subsequent developments. In addition, we may expect the official release date as well as a teaser trailer to be revealed very soon. We hope you all had a pleasant time watching DOUBLE CROSS SEASON 3. The tension, on the other hand, stays as it is for the next season.

The storyline

double cross season 2

A sex trafficking organization has taken over their neighborhood, including Dr. Erica’s hospital’s emergency room and the streets overseen by “The Heights.” Erica and Eric Cross, as well as Kingpin Eric, are on a mission to save all of the women in their neighborhood from a surge in sex trafficking. A good and well-known emergency physician and her brother, a well-known drug dealer, are troubled by their past and resolve to take matters into their own hands by starting on a vigilante justice quest.

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The following dates have been set for the release of Season 4: The anticipated and officially confirmed release date Season Spy, on the other hand, hasn’t announced or predicted a certain date. A variety of credible sources, including some government-affiliated websites, have declared and predicted this date.

Furthermore, all of the information provided is subject to the copyright owner’s rights, and we are only giving it for educational purposes. Please do not hesitate to make any requests or questions about the series in the comments area. You may also contact us at any time for any question or complaint directly through our Contact Us page.

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The DOUBLE CROSS SEASON 4 trailer has been anxiously awaited by fans of the third season. As fans eagerly await Season 4, you may expect a few more official teasers or trailers in the following months. Below is the trailer for the third season of Enjoy:


Expected Cast of Double Cross Season 4

We can expect these characters in the upcoming season.

  • Tremayne Norris
  • Faith Malonte
  • Darrin Henson
  • Ashley A. Williams
  • Jeff Logan
  • Jasmine Burke

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