Archive 81 Season 2: Finally the secrets are revealed!!

Archive 81 is more addictive and creepier than the tapes Dan is tasked with cataloguing. An initially enigmatic mystery quickly escalates into a cosmic conundrum.

We wouldn’t be surprised if an Archive 81 season 2 announcement is imminent, given how season one ended. In the meantime, we’ll just lock ourselves in the basement and beg The Ferryman for more episodes until Netflix says otherwise. Because it’s clear that we haven’t learned anything from this show.

The Archive 81 season 2 is now available on Netflix.

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When Can We Expect the Second Season of Archive 81 to Air?

When it comes to the confirmation of a second season, there is good and bad news. Netflix has yet to order a second season, so you’ll have to keep an eye on the site for any new information.

As long as Rebecca Sonnenshine gets her way, Archive 81 will definitely be back.

Her thoughts on returning for another season were revealed in an interview with The Wrap.

“The hope is that if we get a second season, we’ll be able to continue with these characters.”

“A single season was never the plan for this show. In my opinion, there are more tales to be shared. A good cliffhanger needs to be addressed, and I believe we’ve introduced a slew of characters surrounding Dan and Melody with very interesting backstories that deserve to be explored in more depth in the coming episodes. So, yes, we intend to continue.”

Archive 81 season 2

It’s safe to assume that the show will have a dedicated following after the positive reception it received in its debut season. With 22.2 million hours watched in its first week, the show ranked seventh on Netflix’s most-watched list (as reported by Radio Times). No complaints here.

We had hoped for a renewal of Archive 81 in February (roughly one month after the premiere of season one), but we expect to hear something soon. If this is the case, Season 2 could be available to fans as early as 2023. However, if Netflix takes its time to issue an official statement, this could take longer. If demons get in the way, of course.

How Has Archive 81 Fared on Netflix’s Streaming Service?

In order for Netflix to keep an existing show, it must generate a lot of revenue for the company. Archive 81 has a tough cast for a freshman show, so we’ll see how it does on Netflix.

Archive 81’s performance on Netflix can be examined in detail thanks to data gathered from a variety of sources.

The new Netflix Top 10 site reveals that the show was watched for 129.47 million hours in its first three weeks on the service.

Archive 81 season 2

Between the 31st of January and the 6th of February, the show saw a significant drop in viewers, with the lowest number of hours viewed that week clocking in at 16.69 million.

According to Nielsen, we can get an idea of the show’s performance in the US. A big jump in viewers from week one to week two is supported by Nielsen’s top 10s, which show that the series’ popularity was boosted by numerous articles and social media posts related to the series.

During the week ending January 16th, 329 million minutes of television were viewed, placing #8.

Over 1,035 million minutes were watched during the week ending January 23rd.

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Data from IMDb MovieMeter shows that between January 16 and January 23, the show was ranked third most popular on the platform. There were 69 episodes when it was released, showing that the series gained steam after the second week, as discussed above. Archive 81 was ranked 21st from January 30th to February 6th. For the week ending February 13th, it fell to number 56.

Archive 81 Season 2 Plot: What Do We Know?

Melody Pendras (Dina Shihabi) is freed from the Otherworld and reunited with her mother at the end of Archive 81. The film’s protagonist Mamoudou Athie (Dan Turner) appears to be stuck in 1994 New York, where Melody belongs. This means that they’ve traded places.

Showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine provided some hints to Variety. Cult leader Samuel (Evan Jonigkeit) is back in 1994, she confirmed.

“There are no particulates floating around there, so that’s a clue he’s in the real ’90s,” she said.

Dan and Melody aren’t the only ones trapped in the past, according to Sonnenshine.

Trying to leave, “people have gotten a little disoriented and may not have gone out through the right,” she explained.

Extensive Interviews With the EW

Archive 81’s mythology has already been decided, according to the showrunner, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. In Season 1, she teased various Easter eggs and hinted that we might learn more in Archive 81 season 2 about who was responsible for the fire that destroyed Dan’s childhood home.

Archive 81 season 2

“”Some things just didn’t actually make it into the season,” Season 2. After spending time and effort creating the mythology for a series, the creators discover that they simply do not have enough space to include it all. As a result, we decided to save that for Season 2.”

For those of you who can’t wait for Season 2, you can always listen to the original podcast. There is a notable difference between the show and podcast’s first season, which is that Season 2 of the pod has Dan still in the Otherworld dimension, while the show seems to indicate that he’s already returned to the real world in Season 1.

In the Visser, What Happened?

Dan discovers that Melody’s (Dina Shihabi) tapes reveal that the Visser is a typical cult, but that it is based on real magic, which is a good thing. During the 1300s, a Baldung coven trapped the demon Kalego in a statue, and the Vos Society was trying to free him.

He believed Melody had set fire to the Visser and assassinated his brother Samuel, the mysterious tech CEO (Martin Donovan) who hired Dan to restore the tapes (Evan Jonigkeit). Although Melody was able to save Jess (Ariana Neal) from being sacrificed, the tapes reveal that Melody was unable to stop the ritual. Burning down Visser and covering up Melody’s and Vos leader Samuel’s transfer to Kalego’s “Otherworld” was caused by the ritual.

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There are still unanswered questions, such as what happened to Dan’s family when he was a child, resulting in the destruction of his home and the deaths of his parents and siblings. While Dan learns that his father knew Melody and was involved in some of the Visser’s antics, Sonnenshine has confirmed that she intends to go into greater depth about the cause of the house fire in a future season.

For those who are curious about the mythology and wonder if it will be explored further, there are a lot of little Easter eggs or other little things to look out for.” Sonnenshine confirmed this to Entertainment Weekly. “And yes.” “There were some things that just didn’t make the season.”


Do you know for sure that the Visser building is real?

The First Avenue Lofts building at 436 First Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh was used to film the facade of the real Visser, but the interior was a set constructed in the studio.

Archive 81 is based on what, exactly?

Do You Think ‘Archive 81’ Is Based on a True Account? As it turns out, Archive 81 isn’t a true story at all. Even so, some of the show’s elements, such as the existence of cults, are accurate. The Netflix series is based on Dan Powell and Marc Sollinger’s 2016 horror podcast of the same name.

Archive 81 has how many episodes?

In total, there are eight episodes of the series to watch. Archive 81, Netflix’s latest sci-fi horror series, has been devoured by the streaming service’s audience. The show’s eight episodes have already been viewed by many fans, but some may still be struggling to comprehend what they’ve seen.


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