Who Won the Rap Game Season 2

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The Rap Game

It is an American series and also it is a reality series and a television series so being a television reality show it has been loved by fans. The genre of the series is that it is a reality show when it is a talent-based show. This show or series was premiered in the year 2016 on the first of January and it was been premiered on the lifetime.

As it is a talent-based reality show so a lot of winners come out of this show and these are the actual winners who win the show. The winner’s list also comes and the winners are never also announced so it is a very present full series. The regional network of this series is Lifetime. And this series was originally released in the year 2016 on the first of January.

Winner Mani: About

The winner for season two of The Rap Game is Mani. So you all may be very shocked that since season two was done that fans have been wondering that after season two has been completed where did Mani go. Everybody was thinking we are the winner.

After a lot of research has been done so that the latest information could get on the Rapper in the year 2020. And after a lot of research was been into the way Instagram and YouTube him was being founded and it was founded by Reality Tibit.

Mani Has been also known as Lil Mani. He is a 20-year-old boy and he is from Los Angeles, California. And he is a 20-year-old rapper. His mother was a former member of the Queens of Compton. And he found this Rap game years ago and this game has been founded by him through his mother. We get to know about him that from the teenage only he started his interest and was started on the way of his journey of being a Rapper.

And we have been got to know that he was too good in his childhood days and eventually got into Rapping during his childhood teenage years. So his works include ‘you thought’, ‘look at me now look at Chuu.Walk in’ and ‘what do you know. These are his works and he’s just a 20-year-old boy and he is too good at this point of time into Rapping Field. I am on these works he gained several thousand views on the social media platforms and several pieces, he was been appreciated for his works and got a lot of views.

So, mani’s Journey on to this game has a lot of memories also because he went head-to-head with four different other rappers and that is on season two of the series. The Rap game season two and he has been fighting his way till the end and just because of his talent and the true reality-based show he was been crowned the winner.

This was a very shivering moment for him and after he won the competition, literally Mani’s reaction towards his medal was so shocking in respectful that eventually, fans got into it. It was too good. To know more about him and his works you can just go through his YouTube videos and also you can scroll up to his social media platforms. Mani’s net worth is dollar 16,000 it was been reported in the year 2020.

The Rap Game: Season 3

Yes, you all have been busy in season two but also you all need to know that there have been some season three updates also which have come. Nova Has been taking the third season crown of The Rap Game, Lifetime’s reality series, and the talent-based shop and shared been guaranteeing a contract also and it is with So So Def Records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Won Season Two of the Rap Game?

So it is a reality-based show and its first season was loved by fans. Now talking about season two. So in season two, the winner of the game was Mani. he was the winner of season two.

Where Is Mani Now?

After the completion of the season, two fans have been asking about where did he go. Super all of you to know that he has been into other business ventures now and he has also launched his clothing line and his clothing line is called Yung millionaire. It was also been reported in the year 2020 in September month that his net worth has been reported to be dollar 16,000.

Who Got Signed From the Rap Game Season 2?

So it is Jermaine Dupri, Who has been eventually getting signed from season two of the Rap game. So, we have got to know that Jermaine signs Newest So So Def Star on season two of The Rap Game.

Who Signed Mani?

Top-notch or we can say, top-notch music BV.

Who Is the Most Successful From the Rap Game?

So it has been detected and found that the most successful from the reality-based show The Rap Game is Mulatto. Yes, he has been found the very first winner and more successful one among all.


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