Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date Confirmed | Cancelled

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Rent a Girlfriend Season About

Rent a girlfriend is a Japanese Series and it is a Japanese manga series. It has been written and illustrated by the same person whose name is Reiji. This series has been licensed in North America by the USA. The genre of the series is romantic comedy series.

The series has been published by Kodansha. Talking about the original run of the series then it was in the year 2017 on the 12th of July. As of now, there have been two volumes only of the series which has been cast and the original network of the series is JNN. There are in total 12 episodes as of now and the series is getting a lot of love hope the series goes ahead.

Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date

Fans have been excitedly waiting for the release date of the upcoming new season which is season two of the series. You all would be waiting for so long to know what is the exact date and what is the exact update regarding the renewal of the series. Today you all would be getting big good news and you all would be very shocked to know that the series has been confirmed that the series is going to renew.

Rent a Girlfriend Season 2

So as per the official announcement, the update is that the conclusion of season one has been in the year 2020 in September. So after season one was concluded it was very much confirmed that the series will be renewed. Because season one got so much love from the fans, the series confirms that it will be renewed but the exact information and date have not been decided. So now the official announcement came and it announced that the series has been officially confirmed.

So, now the rent a girlfriend season two would be there soon and it has been there that still going to premiere in July itself in this year 2022. So there is very little time left for season 2 to be released. As soon as the exact date of the release date would be here with us of the season you all would be updated as soon as possible with the date.

Rent a Girlfriend Seasons and Episodes

The series originally premiered on 11 July 2020 and there are in total two seasons which have been cast as of now of the series. Season one got so much love and that was the reason that series renewed and season two has been confirmed that it will go to be premiered in July 2022. So officially there are two seasons of the series and 12 episodes in total there are 12 episodes as of now.

As soon as the exact release date of season two would be out you all would be updated. Fans would be hoping that the release date could come in 2021 but the COVID-19 pandemic situation was the major reason for the delay of the Series updates. And it was been detected that Japanese animation studios have been so distracted and disturbed, just because of the COVID-19. So, that was the reason that the 2022  release make some sense.

Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 Cast

Shun Horie is playing the role of Kazuya Kinoshita
Aoi Yuuki is playing the role as Mami Nanami
Sora Amamiya is playing the role as Ichinose Chizuru
Rie Takahashi is playing the role as Sumi Sakurasawa
Nao Touyama is playing the role as Ruka Sarashina

Rent a Girlfriend Season 2

Rent a Girlfriend Season Where to Watch

It is always beneficial that a platform has been provided to all the fans so that they can visit that platform on-site and can easily watch the whole show online and they need not buy anything. So you all must be very excited to hear about the site where you can find the whole season which is streaming.

It is none other but Crunchyroll. Yes, Rent a Girlfriend season is streaming onto the site. You just have to visit the site and you will be available the whole time, so you can watch it online for free.

Frequently Asked Question

Will There Be Any Season Two of Rent a Girlfriend?

Yes, season two will be released soon as an official announcement has already been made and has been announced in the article above also that season two will be out soon and it will be premiering in July in the year 2022. This has been the official announcement that the series has been renewed for the second season. And it will be very soon that the exact release date would be out soon.

What Is the Plot of Rent a Girlfriend Season 2?

So the real update is that as of now there has been no such official plotting that has been announced all season two. There has been no such exact plotting announced yet. We all know that the final episode of season one ended by giving us a lot of interesting events so from that we could conclude that season two will likely be happening to show us an exploration of the developments between the three. And these three are Mami, Chizuru, and Kazuya.

Do Mami and Kazuya Like Each Other?

The right sentence was like that, which means Mami is like Kazuya. And we have been seeing that it’s just her actions that made everybody forced to see the scene that she’s been liking him. But the only motive of her was that she wanted to make Kazuya suffer at the end part of the day.


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