Season 2 of ‘Vincenzo’: All We Know So Far About This Series

“Vincenzo season 2” is a web series from tvN from South Korea that premiered in September 2013. The show is a blend of comedy, crime, and love. Park Jae-bum and Kim Hee-won wrote and directed it. Vincenzo’s is adored by viewers worldwide due of its unique narrative and presentation, making it one of the most popular programs. Right now, it’s TvN’s sixth-highest viewed show, and Korea’s ninth-highest rated show ever on cable television.

Will Netflix Korea Bring Back Vincenzo Season 2?

The South Korean serial Vincenzo, in which Song Joong Ki stars, is now tvN’s sixth highest-rated drama ever. K-drama Song Joong Ki starring alongside Jeon Yeo Been and Ok Tae Cyeon alongside Kim Yeo Jin and Kwak Dong Yeon as the lead characters.

In addition to domestic audiences, Netflix users throughout the world found the show to be a hit, with the series consistently ranking in the top ten most popular shows. Fans have been eagerly awaiting Vincenzo season 2 since the K-drama ended on May 2, 2021.

Vincenzo Season 2 hasn’t been formally announced by TvN, but fans have hope that the show’s producers would return for a second season.

In fact, there is a hypothesis that Netflix will broadcast a K-drama for years if it chooses it for a worldwide audience, especially if the show is popular. Similarly, the streamer may bring back Vincenzo with Season 2 in the future, given its enormous popularity.

Vincenzo season 2

“Vincenzo” Season 2 Has Yet to Be Revealed.

For those who don’t know, what is the story of Seas. Park Joo’s character, Hyung, is an adopted kid of an Italian family, and the story focuses on him. Vincenzo Cassiano was the moniker he went by as a youngster in Italy. He became a lawyer for the Mafia after joining their organization. A definitive explanation for his return to Korea remains a mystery.

When he went to meet Hong Cha-Young, he was instantly smitten. In episode 2 of ‘Vincenzo’?
After retaliating against the Babel Group, Vincenzo was forced to flee to Malta. He handed Hong Cha-Young the gold. Who knows if Vincenzo will be successful in reclaiming both his love interest and the precious metal.

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Is There a Chance Netflix Will Air a Second Season of Vincenzo?

We’ll have to wait a long time for a second season of Vincenzo to appear on Netflix, if it ever does.

Screenwriter Park Jae Bum will have to compose a fresh screenplay and storyline for the second season in a matter of weeks or months. Song Joong-schedule, Ki’s however, is the main stumbling block to the production of season 2. In addition to The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate, Song Joong Ki is now working on two more projects. The second project is Arthdal Chronicles, the much anticipated second season.

What Is the Release Date of Vincenzo Season 2?

A season premiered on February 20, 2021, and a season finale aired on May 2, 2021, of ‘Vincenzo.’ The series consists of 20 60-minute episodes. It was originally broadcast on tvN, but is now accessible on Netflix for anyone who missed it.

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No official word on the show’s future as of this writing, although it looks to be unlikely to return. A second season of Vincenzo is not currently in the works, despite the show’s commercial success.

vincenzo season 2

Members of the Acting and Writing Staff


Song Joong-ki as Vincenzo Cassano, Park Joo-hyung as his love interest.

An Italian lawyer and Mafia consigliere of Korean ancestry. Adopted by the Cassano family, he is the rightful owner of Geumga Plaza. When the Babel Group is destroyed and the gold hidden in Geumga Plaza is reclaimed, he joins Jipuragi Law Firm as an advisor/foreign legal counsel.

Jeon Yeo-been in the role of Hong Cha-young

Wu sang, Law Firm associate and the daughter of Hong Yoo-chan, a well-known attorney in Korea. Overreacting is something she is prone to doing because she is so energetic. She takes over as CEO of Jipuragi Law Firm, replacing her father As a result, she has joined Vincenzo’s campaign against Babel Group.’

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Yes, I’ll play Jang Jun-woo/Jang Hanseok Ok Taec Yon.

This person is the genuine Chairman of Babel Group, and an intern at Wu sang Law Firm under Hong Cha-young. He presents himself as a carefree, gullible, and nave individual. Babel Group, however, is shown to be the true force behind him. In the series, he serves as the primary adversary.

Choi Myung-hee, played by Kim Yeo-jin.

The ex-prosecutor joins the Wu sang Law Firm as its new Senior Partner, and in the process becomes Babel Group’s corporate fixer as well as its attorney. She appears to be friendly and enjoys Zumba dancing, but she is, in fact, incredibly corrupt and Jang Jun-collaborator woo’s in his plans.

In this case, Kwak Dong-yeon is playing Jang Han-seo.

Half-brother of Jang Jun-woo; illegitimate son of the previous chairman; openly acts as the owner of Babel Group in Jang’s stead. He may appear smug, arrogant, and self-absorbed, yet he has a higher moral compass than his younger brother.

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