Which Countries Can Australians Visit: Restrictions | Information

As you all are here to know about which all other countries and list of those countries where the Australians can freely visit and can enjoy the trip or else for any reasons they are eligible or they are free to move to that country. You are at the right place here has been provided every detail and also all the updates which can be proved to be important in regards to country which Australians can visit.

Australia : Travel

Australia has been in the list of the world famous for its wonders. Yes it has been very famous throughout the world for the natural wonders which Australia has and also the wide open spaces which are been present there and the beautiful beaches and the beautiful deserts Are been known there.

Also Australia is been counted in the most highly organized countries and also known for the attractions which Australia has of its large city‘s which includes like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

Do you all know that the Australian passport is been counted throughout the world in the eighth strongest passport and that is just because it’s alliances up to travelling more than 180 countries in the territories and this is becoming the reason for Australian passport to be its strongest throughout the world.

Travel Restrictions for Australian: Latest Updates!

So as of now there has been certain announcements and updates which are very important and which includes that Australians want to visit other countries they can just travel to 122 countries as of present situation as of the world certain travel restrictions for the tourist preferably Australian tourist and which also depends upon the destination they want to travel.

Moreover one thing which is to be added that Aussies can now travel to 33 countries without any Corona restrictions.

Important information for all the Australian travelers is that they are just required for presenting their Covid test results and that would be required before the trip so that it could be possible for them to travel to 66 countries as there are certain mandatory quarantine requirements which are compulsory for Australian travelers to fulfil for 23 other international destinations.

Which Countries Can Australians Visit

List of Major Countries That Australians Can Visit Without a Visa

So, following is the list of those countries where Australians can visit and they don’t need a visa to travelling to these countries and also the timespan days on month has also been mentioned in front of those countries so that they can help those Australians for visiting and making a plan for themselves.

Albania – around 90 days
Austria around 90 days
Andorra around 90 days
Belgium around 90 days
Bahamas around three month
Bolivia around 90 days
Botswana around 90 days
Brazil around 90 days
Canada around six months
Colombia around 180 days
Cyprus around 90 days
Denmark around 90 days
Czeck Republic 90 days
Dominica around six months
Estonia around 90 days
France around 90 days
Fin land around 90 days
Gambia around 90 days
George around one year
Iceland around 90 days
Indonesia around 30 days
Ireland around three months
Israel around three months
Italy around 90 days
Japan around 90 days
Latvia around 90 days
Kosovo around 90 days
Morocco around three months
Netherlands around 90 days
New Zealand
Thailand around 30 days
Ukraine around 90 days
United Kingdom around six months
Vatican City around 90 days
Switzerland around 90 days
Spain around 90 days
South Korea around 90 day
South Africa around 90 days

Which Countries Can Australians Visit

Countries to Travel : Closed to All Non-citizens


So it is a very important news for all of all the people and the Australians to know that just because of the spread of Omicron variant and its causes it has become the reason that the entry of the foreign nationals has been suspended and announce that it would be suspended at least by the end of the month February of the year 2022

New Zealand

So this is another city which is been closed from the visitors nobody can travel to New Zealand so it is a very important news as the plans and announcement has just been made by the New Zealand and a very important aspect which is made by the country is that the face could be the opening soon and it would be like around 27th of February when it would be reopening.

But till now it has been closed and the very important thing after 27 February also you have to be admitted that you are fully vaccinated with both the doses I am the people who would be allowed in the country would be those persons preferably which are New Zealanders living in Australia. And for all if You Australians want to visit New Zealand you have to wait until the month of July before July you are not eligible to travel to this country.


Very important to all the Australians who are making the plan and want to visit this country this currently country Philippines has been closed for all the foreign tourist and there has been no changes in announcement which are been made as of now it is been closed.



So above there has been all the information major ones which has been provided above in the article for all of you and specifically for Australian visitors there has been the list also it has been provided in which the countries has been returned here they can travel to those countries without a visa also they can travel to the those countries and they need not to be required Visa.

Also, some other information has also been added into the article please refer to the above article for all the latest updates also which are mandatory and hope you find the article very informative and helpful so for more articles in updates visit our website Theshahab.com and stay tuned

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