Get Your Style Right for the Casino

Style is something that evolves regularly, however dress codes still apply. It may be fine for big celebrities to show up to a fancy restaurant in trainers, but not anyone else.

Certain events and venues have strict dress code policies, because they want to keep a high tone. It isn’t to make anyone feel uncomfortable but to bring a sense of decorum to proceedings.

When you think of film premieres, men are suited and booted (as are some women), and sleek style is on show. It’s a chance for designers to show their creations off on the latest young stars.

Job interviews are another place where your outfit is considered important. A design agency may not mind jeans, but for an accountancy firm, you need a suit.

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The fact is, it’s better to check the dress code ahead. Basic rules of thumb include:

  • Don’t show up to a christening dressed like you’re in a Rihanna video
  • Don’t wear white to your best friend’s wedding
  • Black is most appropriate for funerals, unless expressed otherwise
  • Don’t show up as your drag character at the annual law dinner

What is True Casino Style

If you’ve ever seen casinos in the movies, such as Ocean’s 8 or Now You See Me, people look smart. Debonair suits, skyscraper heels and people dripping in jewellery.

However, what we see in the movies isn’t always a reflection of real life. American saloons were places where miners and cowboys gambled, so working clothes were common.

Casino style has evolved and the original Rat Pack has much to do with influencing current trends. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were known for their sharp style and playing the tables, so the two became intertwined.

What is Acceptable Casino Wear?

If you have planned a night to play poker, what should you wear? You don’t want to show up wearing black tie, if there are people playing in Hawaiian shirts!

Many American casinos will let you play wearing just about anything, as long as you’re dressed. Some casinos have had to ban bathrobes.

In Vegas, you’ll see people both dressed up to the nines, and others wearing khaki shorts. You might see ladies in sportswear as well as old ladies in evening wear.

In Macau, people dress to impress. Everyone looks like a high roller here, and you may be asked to wear a jacket.

In Europe, people tend to be more stylishly dressed at the casino. Think brands such as:

  • Dolce and Gabbana
  • Stefano Ricci
  • Brunello Cucinelli

First, check the dress code ahead of time, if you can. Most casinos have a website, or ones that are attached to a hotel will have a note on dress code.

What Does the Dress Code Mean?

So, you’ve found the dress code, but you need to interpret it. Here’s what the dress codes break down as.

Man Wearing Tuxedo in Grayscale Photography

White Tie

If a casino or perhaps a poker event specifies white tie, then this means you are going all out. For ladies, this means full evening dress.

  • Floor length gowns
  • Fitted coat and tails
  • Starched white bibs
  • White vest and bow tie
  • Gloves
  • Black patent shoes (for men)
  • Expensive, classy jewellery

It’s optional to wear a stole or faux furs, but it will definitely be seen in colder climes.

Black Tie

This means formal, and probably what you imagine for casinos. However, it’s usually only reserved for evening and top events.

  • Bow tie
  • Matching dinner jacket and trousers
  • Button-down collared shirt
  • Black socks and black formal shoes
  • Tasteful cocktail dresses or fitted pantsuits for women
  • High heels
  • Classic silhouettes

Cummerbunds are optional. For both sexes, colours shouldn’t be loud or dramatic, stick to black, navy, burgundy or even dark green.

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You can definitely relax a bit when you see this, and wear trendy styles.

  • Cashmere or wool suits
  • Ties optional
  • Collared or button-down shirt
  • Elegant separates, or a little black dress
  • Strappy sandals

If you’re in a seaside resort, then lighter colours are acceptable. However, it’s still better to keep it a little reserved.

Smart Casual

Such a confusing term! However, most of us are familiar with what it means by now.

If a casino has not provided a dress code, then you can probably go with this.

  • A smart blazer or sports coat
  • Slacks or khakis
  • Polo shirts are acceptable
  • Skirts and blouses for women
  • Loafers for men, open toes for ladies.
  • A pair Comfortable Shoes like Loom Footwear

Usually women should cover their shoulders, and not wear anything too revealing. Don’t distract the high rollers!

If the dress code says casual, then you won’t be asked to leave for wearing your sundress or shorts. However, it’s best to keep as much on as possible – don’t bet into your bikini.

What Should You Never Wear in a Casino?

There are some rules that apply to most casinos worldwide.

  • Sunglasses are often banned, to prevent cheating
  • Cameras

This isn’t the place for you Insta pose, you may get thrown out for using a camera.

  • Funny hats

It might be a joke with your friends, but you’ll likely be asked to remove it.

Many casinos have relaxed their rules in terms of clothing, but their staff are always dapper. Why not dress up and play the part for a night if you want to get on the tables?

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