Is Mobile Gaming Still an Attractive Option in 2022?

Gaming on a smartphone device has become a commonly utilised entertainment option for many people over the last decade or so. This has coincided with the general usage of smartphones, with the modern-day person becoming heavily reliant on their miniature handheld phone. People are watching Netflix and sending work emails, but also using a mobile to play a variety of games that are dominating the space.

Recent hits include the likes of Among Us and Pokemon Go, but Is Mobile Gaming Still an Attractive Option in 2022?the offering in the mobile gaming sphere certainly doesn’t end there. In fact, when assessing the sheer amount of titles available for download on both iOS and Android, it’s mightily impressive. Still, despite this, gaming on a smartphone doesn’t appeal to a section of the overall gaming community. Perhaps it’s the smaller screen or the different controls, but smartphone gaming isn’t a product which has won around every gamer. Even still, though, smartphone gaming is a go-to option for many. With the new year firmly underway, below is a look at some key reasons as to why gaming on a smartphone will continue to register huge success in the years ahead.

Portable Gaming Isn’t Going to Die Anytime Soon

The most appealing aspect of mobile gaming overall tends to centre around the ability to tuck into a huge variety of games as and when it suits. Most smartphone products are designed to be picked up and put down throughout the day, too, therefore offering mobile gamers the casual gaming experience many of them require. Popular titles such as the Dead or Alive 2 slot, which is a 5-reel, 3 row, 9-paylines game by NetEnt, continue to win around mobile gamers because they’re not only fun but they’re also rewarding. Likewise, games such as Genshin Impact, which is an open-world creation similar to the likes of Zelda, are booming on mobile also. The options certainly don’t end there either, with a range of games suitable for practically every type of audience. The fact that these types of games can be enjoyed anywhere suggests that it’ll take a great deal for them to suddenly vanish from the overall gaming sphere. Smartphone gaming, therefore, represents a viable alternative for people who aren’t keen on gaming indoors using hugely sophisticated and, ultimately, more complicated console machines, instead opting for a fun and less daunting experience on a device we all use on a daily basis anyway.

Advancements Will Keep on Happening


The fact that we’ve gone from playing simplistic products such as Snake in 1997 to being able to download console-quality titles like Fortnite in 2022 highlights just how far mobile gaming has come. Now, it’s common for smartphone gamers to download a whole selection of console-quality releases, alongside having the ability to enjoy them using additional accessories such as joysticks and even virtual reality headsets. Fast forward another ten years or so, and who knows just how much more progression will have been made in the smartphone gaming space. Given the continual advancements we’re being exposed to as consumers, you’d think things are only going to get even more impressive. As such, smartphone gaming’s appeal will only grow further.

A More Affordable Option

There is a strong argument to suggest that alternative gaming options, such as a PlayStation 5, aren’t affordable for the vast majority of people. Purchasing the console is expensive in itself and that’s before you’ve thrown in the much-needed games and the added accessories which the likes of Sony are so desperate for players to purchase. Smartphone gaming, on the other hand, is cheap or completely free.

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