Why the Protector Season Five Have Been Cancelled!

As you all must be very excited to get each and every information and get all details about the New season five of the protector series. Following there has been provided the release date, cast and crew members, the questions which the fans were demanding of, and all the recent updates about season five of The protector series.

The Protector Season About

The protector is a Turkish series. It is basically a drama fantasy series. The series has been created by Binnur Karaevli. And most interesting part that the story of the series has been inspired from a Turkish novelist.

Genre tells about the theme of the series or so of the series it is action, fantasy and science fiction movie. And the series has been written by five writers and has been directed by five directors.

The series has been originated in Turkey and original language of the series has been in Turkish. In total there are four seasons as of now if the series with total number of 32 episodes.

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The Protector Season Five Cast and Crew

Cagatay Ulusoy
Ayca Aysin Turan
Okan Yalabik
Hazar Erguclu
Burcin Terzioglu
Engin Ozturk
Taner Olmez
Funda Eryigit

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The Protector Season Five Release Date

The first season consist of 10 episodes in total and became available to watch on Netflix media platform on 14th of December in the year 2018. The second season of the series consist of in total eight episodes and was made available to watch for live streaming on 26th of April in 2019.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the release date of New season Which is season five of the protector series. so fans have been demanding updates of the release date.

So now there has been A bad news and unfortunately the fans of the protector series need to accept the announcement which has been made officially regarding the series.

As official announcement has been made by the production staff and directing staff of the series that the protector season five is not coming and it has been cancelled.

And the protector won’t return for season five. No this is the news of a disappointment for the fans of the series but the cancellation as of now, who is need to be done due to some reasons.

But if there would be any updates and details which will come regarding the season then you all will be updated as soon as possible and the release date will also be told to you all.

The Protector Seasons and Episodes

Fans have been waiting for the season five of the series but unfortunately it won’t be returning for season five. So the fashion announcement has been made and discussed in the article that the season five won’t be returning and there is no season five And no schedule and updates are there of it.

Till now the protector has four seasons in total and there are total 32 episodes of the series which are been spread in four seasons. All the 32 episodes total of the series are available all if you do watch it.

The Protector Season Five Where to Watch

Fans always demand and prefer the sites where they watch the full time so you all must be thinking and wanting to know about the streaming site on which you all can watch the series. There is always a demand that you all can watch the series for free and you no need to buy Anything.

The four seasons of The protector and 32 episodes which are been spread and four seasons are freely available to watch for all of you on Netflix media platform. You just need to visit the site and can search for any episode and season all have been streaming on this platform only and are freely full time available to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Season Six of the Protector?

As of now, there has been no updates and details about the release date of season five so the season six is far away. First there will be updates which will be updated regarding the season five of the Series which has not been confirmed till yet. So now there are no details regarding any scheduling which has even started for season 6.

Who Is Nisan the Protector?

Funda Eryigit

Was the Protector Cancelled?

Actually it has not been cancelled, otherwise the fans can take this official investment as the season five hasn’t been updated and will not be returning for season five but the series has some hopes which are still left. Though the fact cannot be note that the series won’t be returning for season five and the protector seasons will not be there. But if there would be any update regarding season five days you all would be updates.

Who Is the Immortal in the Protector?

Hakan himself is the protector and the only one who has been killing the immortals and can kill them and also can prevent the destruction of the city. He himself has the power to do all these things.

How Many Episodes Are There in the Protector?

The protector series has in total four seasons and in total there are 32 episodes.


You all were in need to know the details about the protector season five and updates regarding this new season of the series. Everything has been provided in the article above and all the information has been provided to you about the story and recent updates which has been came of season five of the series. There has been reasons which are mentioned in the article regarding the cancellation of the series.

It would be beneficial for all the fans of the series do not to expect the season five returning and should not be waiting for the season as the confirmed cancellation has been made.

If there would be any update regarding the season five or about the series then you all would be updated as soon as possible so stay updated stay tuned.

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