Inverters for Home: Learn 7 Helpful Tips to Extend their Value

When kept properly inverters for home can easily last for several years before needing a replacement. Since it’s an expensive piece of hardware, most of us would want to keep them in top shape. If you are looking up ways to maintain your inverter and want to keep it in top condition, we have some great suggestions for you that would help you maintain your inverter for years to come.

Keep The Inverter in A Well-Ventilated Area

It’s best to keep your inverter in a well-ventilated area if you want it to keep performing at its peak. Keeping an inverter in a closed space can lead to water drops due to the heat generated from the inverter, resulting in overheating and rust formation. In addition, an inverter needs to be free from moisture as most of the vital components within the inverter are designed to be moisture free and will be prone to damage in case any water seeps in. Therefore, to increase the service life of your inverter, keep it well-ventilated.

Daily Cleanup 

Dust accumulating on any piece of electrical equipment is a bad thing, and the same goes for your inverter as well. Therefore, you must clean your inverter daily with a dry cloth to prevent any dust accumulation. Most importantly, make sure that there are no oil stains or other hard stains on the inverter and keep the surface clean if you are hoping to make the best of your inverter unit.

Keep Your Battery’s Charged

If your inverter’s battery tends to get constantly drained of power, it can adversely affect your inverter and reduce its lifespan. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep your inverter batteries charged, as frequent rundowns of the battery will most likely kill your inverter unit before it’s supposed to.

Replace Faulty Batteries

Replace any damaged or faulty batteries at the earliest. Don’t ever use a damaged battery in conjunction with a new one, as that would most likely damage the entire inverter unit, even resulting in an explosion. So, discard the faulty or damaged battery at the earliest to increase your inverter’s lifecycle and for preventing any mishaps from happening.

Don’t Overload the Inverter

Putting additional pressure on the inverter can lead to overload by adding new appliances to the list. It requires more power, and if your inverter can’t keep up with this additional requirement, it will get damaged or might even result in an explosion.

Keep your inverter away from flames

It would be best if you kept inverters for home away from flames and areas which could result in additional heat. It’s neither good for the battery nor the inverter, so keep it somewhere where it is cool.

Keep Out of Children’s Reach 

This one is a no-brainer; you should always keep your inverter unit away from children as they tend to treat everything as playthings. Moreover, if the inverter is within their reach, they might spill food and liquids on the inverter unit, resulting in severe damage. So, always make it a point that you keep your inverter away from the reach of children.

If you follow these few simple steps, you can ensure your inverter unit’s longevity and get maximum efficiency out of it. Meanwhile, if you are looking for inverters for your home, then you can check out Luminous’ stellar range of home inverters that are available across a range of budget and style options. They are renowned for their quality of products built using the highest-grade elements and the best of components. So, if you are looking for the best inverters for your home, you can put your trust in Luminous.

We hope that now that you are aware of the things that impact the lifecycle of your inverter, you can maintain your inverter unit better and keep it in top-notch shape for years to come.

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