Create Amazing Instagram Reels to Increase Your Followers

Short-form videos are the rage now. They make for a perfect infinite scroll dopamine hit that keeps people hooked. TikTok took the world by storm with this format of videos that use music, visuals, and filters to entertain.

Other social media platforms quickly followed suit to create their version of short-form videos. Instagram’s response is Reels. Instagram launched Reels just over a year ago. It is now active in over 50 countries.

Your existing Instagram follower base can start enjoying your Reels instantly. You do not have to start from scratch with Reels. This gives a huge advantage for existing influencers to expand their follower base.

Creating an Instagram Reel is simple. You need a phone with a camera and an Internet connection. Download Instagram, navigate to the Reels tab, and you are ready to publish your first Reel.

Creating content that increases followers can be intimidating. We want to help you by sharing tips and tricks to create engaging content on Reels. Read on!

Use Trends Smartly

Trends make videos viral. Popular trends get you noticed by a large number of people on Instagram. Create your version of the Reel and post it. Trends are one of the stickiest contents on reels. Users will pause for a few precious seconds on your video because the audio is familiar.

Simply depend on Instagram recommendations to find trending music. When you create your Reel, go to the music section to find the right music. At this stage, you will notice that Instagram recommends music. This music is usually trending on Instagram at that time.

Build Content for Everyone

Reels have become wildly popular throughout the world in rural and urban areas. Build your content for everyone. To include those who may not understand English that well, create closed captions.

Captions work well even for those who understand English. People mute their phones when watching Instagram Reels in a public place. Closed captions make for interesting entertainment during this time.

Keep your captions clear and short. Remember Reel is a 15-second video. There is only so much someone can read in 15 seconds. Keep captions clear, crisp, and concise.

Broadcast Beyond the Platform

People usually create content and post on multiple platforms. When you do that, remove the watermarks. For example, if you create content on TikTok and repost it in Reels, remove the watermark. Doing that will make your followers feel like you created content for them.

When you post your Reels, don’t forget to publish the content on your main Instagram feed too. This will broadcast your content to all of your existing Instagram followers.

You can do this by turning on the ‘Also share to feed’ toggle. You will find this when you create your Reel and write your caption.

Not placing the captions in the right spot is a common mistake content creators make. What looks good on your computer may not look good on mobile phones. Create a test post on Instagram to see how the Reel looks like with captions.


Do not be shy to experiment with your content. People are constantly looking for creativity in Reels. Be consistent in your experiments. If you want followers, you have to be consistent. Predictable content is sticky.

Use the filters that are available and play around with effects. Jump on trends quickly before others explore and experiment with everything. It can be tough to create new trends from the ground up. However, you can create your niche while experimenting with a trend.

Get to the Point

15 seconds is a very short period. If they are not entertained, people simply scroll to the next Reel. Avoid long-form video techniques with Reels. Use editing creatively to keep viewers engaged. Editing and effects work well where you want to have the punchline at the end.

Watch behind-the-scenes videos to hone your editing skills. Many effects are easy to create and need a simple phone camera and readily available props.

Customize Your Thumbnails

Customizing thumbnails for views has been around since the early days of video. Interesting thumbnails always work and there is research available to back this. Choose an interesting thumbnail for your posts to pique visitors’ interest.

Keeping the color palate consistent is an easy way of maintaining consistency. Your followers will instantly recognize you. New visitors will know that they saw your content before and might choose to follow you.

Thumbnails don’t work on the explore feed. Explore feed is where users scroll to watch Reel after Reel. However, when visitors visit your profile, they will be able to form impressions based on your thumbnails.

You can use a video-making platform like InVideo to polish up your videos and add some cool effects and thumbnails.


Many new Instagram influencers develop a superiority complex. They make their Reels and post one-sided content. They treat their followers as fans of their content. There is a big difference between followers and fans.

Fans have loyalty towards a person or brand. Followers choose to watch your content until they are bored. It takes effort to keep followers interested. Apart from catering to their entertainment needs, you have to interact with them as well.

When a follower posts a comment, acknowledge and respond. Taking time to respond creates a magical moment for your followers. This makes them stay with you for longer and share your content with their network.


Building strategies for your Instagram Reels to increase followers needs commitment. It is not very different from building a brand for a company. With Reels, you are creating a brand for yourself. You can monetize this brand over a while. Monetization has to be a major incentive to spend time honing your brand on Reels.

To increase followers, use the 15 seconds on Reels smartly. Build content that stands out. Experiment with filters and features, but be consistent. Consistency makes followers recognize your brand.

Be sincere and be yourself. When endorsing products for payment, acknowledge it upfront. Make it easy for new visitors to your profile to explore your Reels. Customize your thumbnails to show your creativity.

Keep your Reels short and to the point. Edgy short Reels work better than long-winded ones. Having followers is a blessing. Show respect and acknowledge your community. When your followers engage with you, don’t ignore them. Respond in a way that shows you care about their views.

Take critical feedback seriously. Respond politely to critical comments. Remember that your followers may not all be fans. But if you treat them like you are their fan, they will be loyal and will share your content to attract more followers.

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