A Reality Check on Singapore’s Online Casino Landscape

Online gambling can be a lot of fun, with many different games available day or night. There are many different gambling activities, including casino games, slot machines, and blackjack.

Many people enjoy occasional bets with no urge to play. It’s a social thing with no real allure. But for some problem gamblers, games of chance have a strong pull that they can’t ignore.

Problem gambling is serious and destroys families. Because of gambling addictions, Singapore has strong laws against gambling behavior.

Singapore Betting Laws

The only legal sports betting is handled by Singapore Pools. Although the real-world difference between sports betting and other casino games is minimal, the law stands.

Generally, gambling is very restricted in casinos. The Remote Gambling Act made all forms of online gambling illegal, although that’s only enforced against local operators.

Theoretically, if a foreign corporation started making real money by targeting Singaporeans, Singapore could put out an international arrest warrant.

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Many providers do accept Singaporeans, however. This includes live casinos and land-based casinos.

Legal Casinos in Singapore

Singapore has legal casinos licensed by the government. These were set up to attract tourist dollars by the Casino Control Act of 2006.

Singapore is more concerned with the health and safety of citizens than foreigners. Foreigners may enter casinos freely, while Singaporeans must pay 150 dollars per day or 3000 per year to enter a casino.

While gamblers are likely to lose more than that, the message is clear. Singaporean casinos are only for tourists.

However, Singaporean casinos are excellent. They have fun games like slots and table games, and the decoration is lavish.

Although Singaporeans are discouraged from attending, $3000 is still cheaper than airline tickets and hotel rooms at other destinations.

Singapore is world-renowned for cleanliness and order, which extends to the casinos. They’re definitely worth checking out if you like gaming.

Traveling for Gambling

Malaysia does have a casino, but it’s hardly a destination. Instead, Singaporeans might travel to Macau or Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a mecca, but the plane flight is very long. Macau is a better choice, but Beijing might start cracking down soon.

The truth is, Online casinos or Singaporean land-based casinos are best, depending on the experience you want.

If you want to make wagers with the best odds possible, you should use a foreign online casino regulated by another country’s laws. Choosing a European Union regulated casino is often the best bet for many people.

Online Casinos in Singapore

Online casinos aren’t regulated in Singapore, so they can’t legally exist. The internet is open to the whole world, though.

Online casinos in Singapore do exist, of course. Occasionally the police find a big one and shut it down. There was a recent case of a Major operator facing about 8-10 years in prison.

Singaporeans are more likely to gamble in offshore casinos, though. Many casino operators choose not to provide online gaming services in Singapore. This is because there is a small risk of enforcement actions.

Other gambling sites do provide gambling products to Singaporeans. It depends on the jurisdiction and the individual online casino.

Dress Codes in Singaporean Casinos

Singapore has 2 casinos, and they are both very concerned about their dress codes. Smart casual is allowed, so slacks or skirts and a nice shirt are expected.

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Jeans, dresses, slacks, suits, and jackets are allowed.

Shorts, sleeveless shirts, and slippers are not allowed in the casino.

Odds of winning

Sports betting has the best odds, but not racing specifically. The key is that sports betting relies on your ability to process lots of information without getting emotional.

Horse racing has poor odds because you won’t have good information about the horses. That’s similar to auto racing, where insightful analysis won’t work well.

Football has good odds if you can remain dispassionate. People will typically bet on their favorite team, regardless of the actual odds of winning. This is an opportunity for professional gamblers.

Poker is a game of skill where skilled gamblers can destroy new players. Blackjack and baccarat have close to even odds, with close to a 1% house edge.

Deposits and Payouts

Internet banking and e-wallets are available to Singaporeans. Although the government could block the bank transfers, it appears they choose not to do it.

Every country regulates transfers to online casinos because of illegal gambling and money laundering. Responsible gambling is possible, but the volume of money makes casinos vulnerable to crime.

However, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your jackpot payouts in Singapore. The Singaporean government simply pushes for self-exclusion.

Foreign bookmakers vs. Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools is a state-sponsored gambling company. While private companies are generally barred from opening casinos, the government enjoys the gaming revenue.

Singapore Pools allows in-person betting from 18, but telephone and online wagers must wait until 21.

Singapore Pools also focuses on football, horse racing, and auto racing sports events.

Foreign bookmakers allow a full range of gambling services, including sports betting, roulette, baccarat, table games, and gaming machines.

First-time gamers will also find welcome bonuses on foreign sites, significantly improving your experience. Casino gambling experiences are generally better offshore.

It’s always important to choose online gambling operators that are licensed and regulated somewhere in the world. While it can be challenging to trust foreigners, legal gambling operators have important rules they must follow to keep their licenses.

Many jurisdictions license online gambling, like Malta and Germany. Often when they choose not to permit online gambling, it’s because of competition with land-based casinos, such as in Las Vegas.

Malaysia is closest to Singapore. Malaysia does have some gambling, but it’s generally unavailable to many Malay for religious reasons.

Final Thoughts

Gambling is restricted by the Singaporean government, but residents gamble online. They must be quiet about their gambling behavior, however.

As long as you don’t put out a press release, an individual gambler will probably be fine. That’s not true for operators, however.

Gambling operators shouldn’t live in Singapore. Singapore does arrest local operators when they find them.

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