COVID-19: List of Countries That Allow Entry to Fully Vaccinated Indians

Day by day countries are removing travel restrictions because of the development of COVID-19 vaccines. Unvaccinated visitors are welcome as long as they adhere to the long list of safety requirements, but many countries only allow those who are fully vaccinated.

As per a WHO survey, almost 6 billion people have been immunized with India administering doses over 95.89cr.

So, if you’ve had all of your shots and want to know which countries allow fully vaccinated Indians to travel free without spending time in quarantine, here’s your magic list.

USA: According to a White House announcement that surfaced on September 20, visitors who are fully immunized against COVID-19 and hail from 33 countries, including India, China, Brazil, and much of Europe, will be able to board flights into the United States starting in November. The Biden administration has finally lifted the travel restrictions which were implemented last year.

Canada: Canada has also eased the restrictions on commercial flights coming from India. From Delhi, there will be a direct flight to Toronto on the 22nd of September. Delhi-bound passengers must have an RT-PCR test report from 18 hours before their flight’s scheduled departure time with them when they board. Many Indians who live in both the United States and Canada will be able to reconnect with their loved ones after a four-month hiatus as flights resume.

Thailand: According to the Thailand administration, the Embassy will soon begin issuing visas for non-Thai nationals to travel to Thailand. Visas for workers, residents, and students fall under this category. Tourist visa applicants, on the other hand, will have to wait several more months.

United Kingdom: The United Kingdom government has classified all countries into red, amber, or green. The ‘amber’ list mandates a list of quarantine, and testing requirements while the ‘red’ list indicates countries with strict travel restrictions. According to a recent report, India falls under the amber list. If the vaccine isn’t on the approved list, the UK will only have a “red” list with required quarantine standards for visitors who are fully vaccinated. Covishield and Covaxin, the Indian vaccines, are currently not accepted by the country.

Italy: Indian citizens who’re dosed with the Covishield vaccine can now apply for a Green Card and travel to Italy. Following a conference between Roberto Speranza, and Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya, The Indian Embassy based in Rome backed up this report on September 12. Itlay has a list of recognized vaccines that included Moderna, Vaxzervria AstraZeneca, Comirnaty Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson. Now, Indian developed Covishield is part of the list as well.

France: Travel restrictions to France for fully vaccinated Indians have recently been laid back, allowing them to visit the country without being quarantined. Those who have not yet been vaccinated or are partially vaccinated must exhibit a negative result for reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR Test) 72 hours before leaving for France, and will be sequestered for 10 days upon the arrival.

Finally, students and those with pre-planned traveling plans are breathing a sigh of relief after these travel restrictions are lifted. So what are you waiting for, I heard Paris is wonderful this time of the year.

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