Forged in Fire Season 12 Release Date – When to Expect Season 12 on History?


Outpost Entertainment, a Leftfield Entertainment business, produces the American competition series Forged in Fire, which airs on the History channel. Each episode features four bladesmiths competing in a three-round elimination challenge to forge bladed weapons, with the eventual winner getting $10,000 and the title of “Forged in Fire Champion”.

The series has a host (formerly Wil Willis for the first seven seasons, now Grady Powell) and a three-judge panel made up of J. Neilson (Jason Knight during portions of seasons 3 and 4; Ben Abbott during portions of seasons 4th, 5th, 6th, and remaining in the 7th season), David Baker, and Doug Marcaida, all of whom are experts in weapon making, history, and use.

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It now has 11 seasons, with the most recent premiering on May 29, 2024. If you’re wondering whether the series will have a 12th season, here’s what we know. Here’s all we know about Forged In Fire Season 12’s release date and when it will be available.

Is there a Release Date for Forged in Fire Season 12?

There is currently no official release date for Forged In Fire Season 12, but it is anticipated that an announcement will be made in the near future.

Forged in Fire Season 12 Release Date

The 12th season of Forged in Fire has not been approved by History as of May 2024. Nevertheless, there is no need for fans to be concerned, as the 11th season has recently been released. One of the most popular shows on the network, the series has amassed a sizable fan base over the past nine years. Forged in Fire is expected to return with its 12th season, provided that all goes according to plan.

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Forged in Fire is presently hosted by Grady Powell. Doug Marcaida, J. Neilson, and David Baker comprise the panel of judges.

Where will Forged in Fire Season 12 be Released?

Season 12 of Forged in Fire may be broadcast on History. This is because all of the previous seasons of Forged in Fire were released on the same platform. If and when History officially announces the 12th season, ComingSoon will provide an update.

The official synopsis for Forged in Fire is as follows: “Competitors recreate weapons from various historical periods, including Japanese katanas, medieval broadswords, and ancient throwing blades.” Each entry is evaluated based on its functionality, accuracy, and artistry.

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