Maxton Hall Season 2 Release Date – All About Its Cast and Plot!

Upon its debut, Maxton Hall – The World Between Us Season 1 obliterated global viewership records and dominated streaming rankings. Consequently, viewers are inquiring as to whether this novel German drama series has been renewed for a second season, as well as its release date and airing schedule.

The following information pertains to the release date and availability of Maxton Hall Season 2.

Is there a Release Ddate for Maxton Hall Season 2?

Maxton Hall Season 2 may be released by 2026. Nevertheless, no official release date or timeline has been disclosed.

The initial season of Maxton Hall was filmed in 2022, two years prior to its debut on Amazon Prime Video in 2024. Deadline has reported that the series has been renewed for a second season. Maxton Hall Season 2 will undoubtedly be released in 2026 if filming commences this year. Additionally, a 2026 release date is conceivable in light of the timeframe defined by the debut season.

Based on the information that is currently available, this date is an estimate. ComingSoon will provide updates on the official release date and timeline of Maxton Hall Season 2 as soon as the streaming service or the creators confirm them.

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Damian Hardung, Harriet Herbig-Matten, Sonja Weißer, Fedja van Huêt, Ben Felipe, Runa Greiner, Hyun Wanner, and Martin Neuhaus constitute the cast of Maxton Hall. The series was created by Mona Kasten.

Who will Comprise the Maxton Hall Season 2 Cast?

It appears that the majority of the cast from season 1 will return for an abundance of drama and scandal in season 2, as indicated by the narrative of the second Maxton Hall book, Save Us. Given this, anticipate the following:

Maxton Hall Season 2 Release Date

  • Ruby Bell – Harriet Herbig-Matten
  • James Beaufort – Damian Hardung
  • Lydia Beaufort – Sonja Weißer
  • Lin Wang – Andrea Guo
  • Alistair Ellington – Justus Riesner
  • Mortimer Beaufort – Fedja Van Huêt
  • Cyril Vega – Ben Felipe
  • Ember Bell – Runa Greiner
  • Helen Bell – Julia-Maria Köhler
  • Angus Bell – Martin Neuhaus
  • Graham Sutton – Eidin Jalali

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We are skeptical that Clelia Sarto will reprise her role as Claudelia Beaufort, the mother of James and Lydia, in light of her recent passing; however, she may still make an appearance in flashbacks.

Where will Maxton Hall Season 2 be Released?

Maxton Hall Season 2 is expected to premiere on Amazon Prime Video in 2026. This is because Maxton Hall Season 1 was released on Amazon Prime Video in 2024, two years after filming began in 2022. Assuming a similar, if not identical timeframe, Maxton Hall Season 2 might likewise be available on Prime Video in 2026.

The official synopsis of Maxton Hall reads: “When Ruby unintentionally discovers an explosive truth at Maxton Hall private school, the arrogant rich heir James Beaufort must deal with the quick-witted scholarship girl, for better or worse: He is desperate to silence her. Their impassioned conversation sparks an unexpected spark.

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