The King of Kings Release Date – Oscar Isaac to Voice Jesus Christ!

Upcoming animated film The King of Kings will feature Oscar Isaac in the lead role. It chronicles the journey of British author Charles Dickens as he introduces his son Walter to the incredible story of Jesus Christ and leads him on an extraordinary journey across dimensions.

Regarding the release date of The King of Kings, the following information has been uncovered. Here are all the current rumors regarding the release date of The King of Kings, as well as every detail regarding its release.

Is a Release Date Available for The King of Kings Starring Oscar Isaac?

The latest possible release date for The King of Kings is 2026. In May 2024, the South Korean animation studio Mofac Animation made the official declaration that Jesus Christ would be portrayed by Oscar Isaac in the faith-oriented animated film The King of Kings. The movie is an imprecise adaptation of Charles Dickens’s short story The Life of Our Lord.

The production is being directed by Seong-ho Jang, who co-wrote the screenplay with Rob Edwards. It requires time to develop an animated production. Thus, it is likely safe to hypothesize that The King of Kings could be released no later than 2026.

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As of the time of writing, this date is an approximation based on the information at our disposal. Kenneth Branagh and Uma Thurman both provide the voices of Charles and Catherine Dickens and Isaac, respectively, in the film’s voice cast. Forest Whitaker also contributes his voice to the character Peter, while Roman Griffin Davis portrays Walter Dickens.

Oscar Isaac to Voice Jesus Christ

Oscar Isaac and Forest Whitaker have signed on to voice characters in Mofac Animation’s upcoming animated fantasy feature The King of Kings, which is based on Charles Dickens’ little-known short narrative about Jesus’ life and times.

Isaac will voice Jesus Christ, while Whitaker will play Peter the Apostle. This will not be the Moon Knight actor’s first faith-based film; he also played Jesus’ father Joseph in the 2006 historical epic The Nativity Story. Isaac and Whitaker will join previously confirmed cast members Kenneth Branagh as Charles Dickens, Uma Thurman as Catherine Dickens, and Roman Griffin Davis as Walter Dickens.

What to Expect from The King of Kings?

Seong-ho “Jay” Jang, a South Korean filmmaker, is helming The King of Kings, an adaptation of a screenplay he co-wrote with Robert Edwards of Treasure Planet. At this time, Mofac Animation is in the concluding phases of production for the project. Andrew Mann and Jamie Thomason serve as executive producers, while Kim is slated to serve as the producer. As of now, the film has yet to secure a distributor.

The King of Kings Release Date

The official synopsis states, “In the film, Charles and Walter Dickens lead their youngest son on a multidimensional journey as the master storyteller inspires his son’s vivid imagination with the intriguing life of Jesus, his renowned trials and tribulations, and his notable companions and adversaries.”

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“By interacting with Jesus, his disciples, and his detractors, the Dickens couple (and the family cat Willa) become completely engrossed in the ancient story, thanks to the film’s sophisticated animation. The seasoned actors providing the voices bring these familiar characters to life in an animated fashion that is unparalleled.”

The outcome is an animated film that effectively conveys the biblical voyage in a way that is accessible, captivating, and easily comprehensible for families, with children of all ages finding it particularly enjoyable.

Where is The King of Kings, Starring Oscar Isaac, Coming Out?

The King of Kings could be released in theaters as early as 2026. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the producers are seeking for distributors for the picture by May 2024. Given the cast, the film has the potential for a theatrical release. ComingSoon will offer an update as additional information regarding The King of Kings’ release date and mode becomes available.

The official summary for The King of Kings states: “The story of our Lord Jesus Christ as told by Charles Dickens and seen through the innocent eyes of a child.”

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