Doctor Slump Ending Explained – All That Happens in the End!

The sixteenth and final episode of the popular K-dramas Doctor Slump aired on Sunday, March 17, 2024, at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC. Netflix offers the episode for streaming as well. The show centers on the lives of Nam Ha-Neul (Park Shin-Hye) and Yeo Jeong-Woo (Park Hyung-Sik), two old rivals from high school. Fourteen years later, at their lowest points in life, the two get back together to help one another through their hardships. They eventually become close friends and fall in love.

Doctor Slump’s episode 16 showed how Yeo Jeong-Woo and Nam Ha-Neul’s romance came to an end. All of the characters in the drama, including the central couple, had a happy ending to the story. Viewers throughout the series followed the two main protagonists’ healing process. With a wedding picture shoot at the end of the show, the two solidified their relationship. They overcame their challenges with mental health and started their careers as doctors.

Doctor Slump Episode 16 Ending Explained

The sixteenth episode of Doctor Slump commenced with an introduction to Nam Ha-Neul’s family. Nam Ba-Da, her sibling, commenced diligence in his pursuit of establishing a livelihood. Ha-Neul was displayed with pride by her mother, Gang Wol-Seon, in the presence of the extended family. In the interim, Lee Hong-Ran and Bin Dae-Young initiated an official relationship.

After being paid for the first time by his uncle Tae-Soon, Ba-Da dined with Ha-Neul. She was ecstatic to have observed her brother’s accomplishments. Jeong-Woo pondered the following day whether Ha-Neul had declined his proposal because she had not yet responded. A nurse, meanwhile, apprised Dae-Young of a peculiar patient.

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Ha-Neul decided to accept Jeong-Woo’s proposition by extending a date invitation to him. During dinner, as he awaited her response, she apprised him of her opportunity to work in a different facility overseas for six months. Although Jeong-Woo advised her to pursue it, he was still uncertain about the necessity of maintaining such a distance from her.

Upon Dae-Young’s discourse regarding a nurse who left her position to pursue her ambitions, Jeong-Woo realized that his behavior was self-centered. He recommended that Ha-Neul accept the offer, and she subsequently consented to the employment overseas. She discovered the following day, however, that a physician who had previously declined the offer had accepted it once more.

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Ha-Neul failed to notify Jeong-Woo and her family in time; they had already commenced commemorating her forthcoming undertaking. Jeong-Woo, meanwhile, disclosed that he was cognizant of the matter after inadvertently perusing her message. Ha-Neul stated, however, that she had conveyed her disappointment with the decision, in contrast to her previous stance. She resolved to be candid and forthright regarding her emotions.

Doctor Slump Ending Explained

During their date, Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo invested considerable time in one another. Moreover, Ha-Neul reported to her psychiatrist that she was making progress. After retaking the examination, the psychiatrist informed her that she was no longer required to visit the clinic. Ha-Neul made the important discovery that “getting better” refers to the process of gaining the fortitude to surmount obstacles and adversities.

Additional characters in the narrative also experienced a positive resolution. Hong-Ran and Dae-Young began to interact with one another and their offspring. Amidst this, Ba-Da and Wol-Seon, his mother, grew closer over his recent professionalism. Despite his perception that his mother had a preference for Ha-Neul, Wol-Seon conveyed that both of her children were thriving in their respective lives.

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In the interim, Dae-Young recommended that Jeong-Woo establish his clinic. Jeong-Woo did commence again, albeit with a reduced-scale clinic. Despite this, he was content with his advancement because he had the support of Ha-Neul as well. Also elsewhere, Tae-Soon discovered his long-lost affection. Likewise, Jeong-Woo’s companions maintained a respectable way of life. Kang Jin-Suk was invited to join Jeong-Woo’s clinic on the condition that he assist him by supplying crucial evidence that bolstered his case.

After observing the sunrise at the beach, Jeong-Woo and Ha-Neul eventually do so by the end of the episode. Ha-Neul accepted the proposition although preparations for the wedding had already begun. The series and the episode concluded with wedding photoshoots for the couple, which served as a fitting memento to the adored drama. On Netflix, every episode of Doctor Slump is available to access.

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