Scammy Boys Ending Explained – Let’s Explore, What Happens in the End?

On February 16, 2024, Scammy Boys was made available on the ubiquitous OTT platform Zee5. Ashmit Patel, Ayushmaan Saxena, Rupa Chaulagain, and Shoib Nikash Shah are featured in the principal roles. The film, which runs for 1 hour and 44 minutes and has an IMDb rating of 5.7/10, is an ideal blend of friendship, suspense, action, and thrilling moments. Therefore, let’s delve into the narrative to discover what transpired in Scammy Boys.

As a student from a small community, Pankaj travels to Jammu and is profoundly impacted by the way of life modeled by his college friend Piyush. Piyush is an easygoing, liberated individual who consumes marijuana and is focused on the future. Additionally, he is a member of a narcotics cartel. Both are adolescents who aspire to amass large fortunes.

In contrast to Piyush, Pankaj does not engage in doping, an action that nearly lands him into trouble. They are enabled to flee from the authorities by the strength of both friendships. Pankaj and Piyush are, intriguingly, oblivious to the fact that the drug dealers are training them to serve terrorist organizations.

Scammy Boys’ Ending: Is Pankaj Dead?

As the plot progresses, Pankaj and Piyush are transported to Kashmir, where they are charged with transporting a truck through Jammu’s checkpoints. But when they couldn’t, they approached their contact for assistance. However, after failing in their goal to get cocaine from the border, they wanted to leave. Piyush requested Rajendra to at least let Pankaj leave, but Rajendra refused owing to strong opposition.

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On the other hand, Pankaj and Piyush were unaware that the trucks they were assisting in smuggling into Jammu carried explosives. Furthermore, Ghassaudin was upset because Narcotics had infiltrated his Jammu stronghold, and he suspected Pankaj and Piyush. However, Ghassaudin later offered them one last chance, instructing them to bring a truck into Jammu.

Finally, the duo encounters a man who appears to be the mastermind behind the terrorist attack. He offered that they both be free following the job. That implies he intended to kill them, as explosive-laden vehicles were about to arrive in India.

Scammy Boys Ending Explained

This does not explain how Piyush got the idea, but he called Pankaj and instructed him to run. During this call, Pankaj was with Amjad, so he attempted to flee but was unsuccessful. At that point, Pankaj made his final decision, pulling the pin on a grenade hidden near Amjad’s pocket, resulting in a boom. The truck did not get far; the terrorist attack failed.

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The film concludes with Pankaj’s death, when Piyush hears his final goodbye and understands he has died. However, Pankaj’s death remains a mystery, as it is unknown whether his parents will ever find out what happened to him. Even Pankaj was unable to meet his sweetheart, Aarti.

What Happens In Scammy Boys?

By befriending Piyush, Pankaj puts himself into trouble. As a student from a small town, Pankaj traveled from his village to Jammu, where he became entangled in Piyush’s lifestyle. Piyush was an optimistic individual who enjoyed smoking marijuana and performed auxiliary labor for a drug cartel. Once, Pankaj came perilously close to causing trouble, but the exhilaration of evading the police only served to fortify their friendship.

While Pankaj did not develop an addiction to money like Piyush, he did have a strong desire to amass considerable wealth. Pankaj’s thoughts began to race when Piyush informed him of a dubious scheme. They were in their initial year of college and were essentially adolescents when they were duped into believing that the drug dealers were preparing them to work for terrorists.

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