Animal Control Season 3 Release Date – Is Fox Renewed or Canceled the New Season?

Fox has renewed “Animal Control” for a third season. The news breaks prior to the single-camera comedy’s Season 2 premiere. The debut of the second season is set for March 6.

The show revolves around a gang of animal control officers, as the name would imply. Leading the cast is Joel McHale, who co-stars with Gerry Dee, Michael Rowland, Vella Lovell, Ravi Patel, and Grace Palmer. Ken Jeong, Sarah Chalke, and Krystal Smith in the recurring role of Bettany are among the guest stars from Season 2.

Dan Sterling, Rob Greenberg, and Bob Fisher are the writers and executive producers of “Animal Control.” McHale, Tad Quill, Jake Fuller of Jax Media, and the three of them executive produce. Quill also serves as the showrunner. Produced by Fox Entertainment Studios.

This is Fox’s first live-action comedy series that it owns entirely. Fox Entertainment Global is the distribution company for the show. Channel 4 in the UK, Foxtel’s FOX8 in Australia, CBC and CBC Gem in Canada, and TVNZ in New Zealand are among the networks to which it has been sold.

Is There an Animal Control Season 3 Release Date?

The third season of Animal Control may premiere in early 2025. Season 3 of Animal Control was approved by Fox in February 2024, precisely one month following the conclusion of the sophomore season.

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In a statement, Fox Entertainment’s Scripted Programming president Michael Thorn said, “Animal Control is an extraordinarily irreverent series that embodies everything viewers anticipate from a Fox comedy. We’ve been so impressed with the work that Joel, Bob, Rob, Dan, Tad, Jake, and the entire ensemble have done on Season Two that we wished to grant them the opportunity to provide fans with even more of this special show in the upcoming season. The show is currently gaining an incredible amount of momentum.

Animal Control Season 3 Release Date

The initial quarters of 2023 and 2024 witnessed the release of Seasons 1 and 2, respectively. Thus, it is plausible to hypothesize that Season 3 will premiere in early 2025. As of the time of writing, this date is an approximation based on the information at our disposal.

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Joel McHale (Frank Shaw), Vella Lovell (Emily Price), Ravi V. Patel (Amit Patel), Michael Rowland (Fred “Shred” Taylor), Grace Palmer (Victoria Sands), and others are among the cast members.

Where Will Animal Control Season 3 Premiere?

Fox is expected to premiere Animal Control Season 3 in early 2025. This is due to Fox’s release of the first two seasons. As soon as the precise release date of the third season is announced, ComingSoon will give a report.

The official Animal Control synopsis is as follows: “The reality that while people are complex, animals are not complicates the lives of a group of local animal control agents. The most well-read person in the room, Frank is an outspoken and eccentric animal control officer who leads the team despite not having attended college. Frank was sacked as a police officer for trying to uncover corruption in his department, which left him cynical and resentful. He has the almost superhuman capacity to comprehend animals, despite his gruff attitude.”

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