Lil Greg Cause of Death: What Was The Real Reason Behind This Tragic Death

This time, tragedy hits the music world, leaving fans and fellow artists in shock and grief. People all over the world are talking and guessing about what happened with Lil Greg, a young hip-hop star who died too soon. This post has everything you need to know about his death.

What killed Lil Greg

Poor Lil Greg died sadly from a gunshot wound he got in a Chicago barbershop. Lil Greg was only 24 years old when this bad thing happened in January 2021.

There were two children left behind when he died. Even though it was a very bad crime, no one was charged with murdering him. Chris Moseley, on the other hand, was charged with having a gun that was used in the killing.

G Herbo Tears Up During Reflecting On Friend’s Death

In a moving video, G Herbo talks about the death of a close friend. Fans and other artists were touched by the video. When his friend Lil Greg died in 2021, he told Big Greg, Lil Greg’s father, how painful it was.

He tells people who ask him how he deals with his sadness:

“I felt empty. I feel like I caused it, 100 percent, from the bottom of my heart. I felt like, what the fuck you wanna do something to my little brother for? You wanted to do something to me.

He continued:

“The reason why I feel like is that is ’cause I always dictated his life a little bit… I told him to stop going to that fucking barbershop. I’m telling him this countless times… But he’s such a good person he ain’t thinking that [somebody would hurt him].”

Herbo started to feel really emotional. He said:

“If I get a Grammy, an Oscar, I a still think about my little brother. My life can’t be complete without him. It doesn’t feel complete. It’s never gonna feel complete without him.

Lil Greg Cause of Death

That’s the truth! I ain’t never gonna be able to feel complete without him. That shit just doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t add up. And I’ve been through a lot of shit, way too much. It still ain’t making sense to me why he not here.”

What Was Lil Greg’s Networth

The well-known rapper, songwriter, and DJ Lil Jon is thought to be worth $30 million as of February 2024. His music career is known for hits like “Yeah!” with Ludacris and Usher, which was number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for 12 weeks in a row in 2004 and was the longest-running number-one song of the 2000s.

Lil Jon is one of the most successful acts of our time thanks to his unique style and contributions to the music business.

All In All

Lil Greg, a young hip-hop star, died tragically from a gunshot wound in a Chicago barbershop in January 2021. He was only 24 years old and left behind two children. Despite the crime, no one was charged with murder.

Chris Moseley was charged with having a gun used in the killing. G Herbo, who was Lil Greg’s father, shared his emotional journey of grief and loss in a moving video.

He felt empty and guilty for dictating his brother’s life, despite his own advice. Despite receiving numerous awards, Herbo still felt incomplete without Lil Greg, stating that his life could never feel complete without him.

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