Are IU And V Dating? Speculations After Starring In A Music Video Together

Are IU And V Dating? People who like K-pop have been given a beautiful and emotional work of art. IU’s latest pre-release song, “Love Wins All,” has a music video that was just released and is going crazy online. Many people on the internet love the song, but what’s getting people excited is the arrival of V, a member of BTS, whose amazing chemistry with IU on screen makes fans go crazy.

When IU and V show up in wedding clothes in the middle of the desolate ruins, they stand out in a big way. The scenes where they look around an empty shopping mall, find the wedding clothes by accident, and then decide to wear them are a sad memory of how happy and normal things used to be.

Are IU And V Dating?

To be clear, IU and V are not dating. They are friends because they work together in the music business. This was clear when V was a guest on IU’s talk show, showing how close they are as friends and how much they respect each other. It was clear that they were friends, and many people found them to be unexpectedly nice.

When IU’s comeback music video, “Love Wins All,” came out, the reports got stronger. In the video, IU and V played the lead roles. There were reports that they were dating because their chemistry on screen seemed so real and real. Fans often mistake what happens on screen for what happens in real life, thoughAre IU And V Dating?


It’s a work of art, the music video that Um Tae-hwa made. It tells an interesting story about a couple’s struggles and strength in a world after the end of the world. Fans have had a lot of different thoughts and conversations about the video’s powerful emotions and meaningful images, which has brought even more attention to how well IU and V act.

Who Is IU Dating Now?

The actress Lee Jong Suk is dating IU right now. Both of their agencies stated that they were dating, which marked the beginning of a new period in their lives. Before they became romantically involved, they were friends and respected each other at work because they had worked together for many years in the entertainment business.

The friendship between IU and Lee Jong Suk shows how relationships can change over time, going from being professional acquaintances to close friends. Their story shows how complicated relationships can be in the entertainment business.

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Who Is IU?

People in South Korea know IU, whose real name is Lee Ji-Eun, and often call her the “Nation’s Little Sister.” At age 15, her first song in the music business was called “Lost Child.” But it was the 2010 release of “Good Day” that made her famous by showing off her amazing singing skills.

IU has an impact on more than just her songs. She’s also a well-known actor who has been in hit Korean dramas like “Dream High,” “The Producers,” and “Hotel Del Luna.”

Are IU And V Dating?

She has many loyal fans and a lot of praise for how well she can mix acting and singing. IU’s rise from a young artist-wanderer to a major figure in the entertainment business shows his ability, strength, and growth as an artist.

Is V a Member of BTS?

Kim Tae-hyung, who goes by the stage name V, is a part of the famous K-pop group BTS. He is well-known in the music world for his deep, soulful singing and great stage presence. He was born on December 30, 1995. V’s start in the entertainment business was as a trainee with Big Hit Entertainment. In 2013, he made his debut with BTS.

V has worked on personal art projects in addition to his work with BTS. To show off his unique voice, he has recorded solo songs like “Singularity.”

He has also tried acting, especially in the historical play “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth,” which shows how versatile he is. V’s unique personality and sense of style, along with the fact that he interacts with people on social media, have made him a worldwide star.

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K-pop star IU and BTS member V have released a music video for their song “Love Wins All,” which has sparked excitement among fans. The video features IU and V in wedding clothes, a stark contrast to their previous happy and normal lives.

IU and V are not dating, but their friendship and work together in the entertainment industry have led to speculation about their relationship. Lee Jong Suk, IU’s agent, is currently dating her. V, a member of BTS, is known for his soulful singing and versatility, having made his debut with BTS in 2013.

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