GTA 6 Wishlist: 5 Useless GTA 5 Features That Should Be Scrapped

GTA 5 changed the way games are made and set new standards for them. On the other hand, Rockstar Games added some features and game concepts that didn’t work, and fans would rather not see them back in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Adding these features would not be a good idea since the next game is supposed to be much better than the ones that came before it.

This piece will help you remember five of the worst things about GTA 5 that didn’t belong there and shouldn’t be in the sequel.

These five features from GTA 5 aren’t needed and shouldn’t be added to GTA 6:-

1) Disappearing Cars

One of the worst things about GTA 5’s story mode was that the cars you bought would sometimes just disappear. It was annoying to spend hours saving money to buy a nice car, only for the money to disappear when you left.

It’s not something that fans want Rockstar Games to add to Grand Theft Auto 6. While GTA 5 did have some tools that would have made it much better, they were taken away.

When a player buys a car, the developers should make sure that it directly adds to the player’s garage and doesn’t just disappear.

2) Making Cops Appear Out of Nowhere

Another tool in GTA 5 that doesn’t do anything. In past games, police have always shown up soon after players start shooting. But in Grand Theft Auto 5, they can see you from a mile away, even when no one else is around.

GTA 6 Wishlist: 5 Useless GTA 5 Features That Should Be Scrapped

They could have done more to improve the cop AI so that they could better corner players or make things more clever. This is another reason why Grand Theft Auto 6 fans want the cops to be better. Luckily, the secret gameplay looks good, and the police AI seems to work like it would in real life.

3) Stealth

Even though this point is about stealth, that doesn’t mean GTA 6 shouldn’t have a stealth system or feature. Most people will agree that Grand Theft Auto 5’s stealth ability is useless and doesn’t work very often. They could complete a task in other ways.

Rockstar Games added a sneak mode that got a lot of bad feedback. People who have played spy games before would understand how these skills work. The next title should take this into account.

4) The Unique Skills of the Main Characters

It might be difficult to say this, but Grand Theft Auto 5’s main characters’ special skills were not very useful. These abilities aren’t used very often, and even when they were, only Franklin’s was sometimes useful.

Trevor’s skill makes him much stronger for a short time, but it takes away from the excitement of gunfights, which aren’t very exciting in this game, to begin with.

So, Grand Theft Auto 6 should either not give its main characters these kinds of special powers or make them very important in battle.

5). Yoga and Other Similar Side Hobbies

Yoga is one of the least useful things in Grand Theft Auto Online, and it shouldn’t be brought back in Grand Theft Auto 6 unless it changes the player’s stats. Instead, GTA 6 should include some of the great things that are in San Andreas, like the gym mini-game that changed CJ’s body.

There was no gain to doing Yoga in terms of traits. Rockstar Games shouldn’t include it in the next game because of this.

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GTA 5 revolutionized gaming, but fans want to see some features and concepts not included in the sequel.

Five of the worst aspects of GTA 5 should not be included in GTA 6, including disappearing cars, making cops appear out of nowhere, enhancing stealth, removing unique skills of main characters, and incorporating yoga and similar side hobbies.

These features are not needed and should be removed in the next game, as they don’t contribute to the overall game experience.

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