Parasyte: The Grey Release Date , Cast, and Plot of the Netflix K-Drama Directed by Yeon Sang Ho

Parasyte: The Grey Release Date: Hitoshi Iwaaki’s horror comic Parasyte is being turned into a live-action TV show by Netflix. Yeon Sang-Ho, who directed Train to Busan, has already cast a trio of very good players for the interesting adaptation.

The K-drama finished filming in February 2023, and it should come out sometime in 2024. We know all the things you need to know about Netflix’s Parasyte: The Grey.

Hitoshi Iwaaki’s Japanese comic Parasyte will be turned into a new South Korean horror show called Parasyte: The Grey. It’s even more exciting that Yeon Sang Ho, who directed Train to Busan and created Hellbound, will be in charge of the new version of Parasyte.

The manga story started in 1988 and continued in Kodansha’s Morning Open Zōkan and Monthly Afternoon magazines until 1995. The manga has been turned into a hit anime series and two live-action movies, selling more than 25 million copies around the world. The Korean version is the first one made outside of Japan, and it’s also the first live-action adaptation turned into a TV show.

What Happens in Parasyte: The Grey?

This is what Netflix says about Parasyte: The Grey:

The story is about unidentified parasitic life-forms that live off of human hosts and strive to grow their power. As they start to disrupt society, a group of humans wage war against the rising evil.

Parasyte: The Grey Release Date

You can also find a second summary with character profiles from the Korean news site Newsen Media:

The story revolves around Jung Soo In, who is infected with a parasite on her hand and start a strange cohabitation as it failed to steal her brain. Seol Kang Woo chases a parasitic water to find his missing sister, and Choi Jun Kyung is the team leader of the parasitic life team ‘The Grey’, and lives only to exterminate the parasitic water after losing her husband to the parasitic water.

Who Appears in Parasyte: The Grey?

There are only three major leads known for Parasyte: The Grey so far.

Jeon So Nee has been cast as Jung Soo In, who is Kimchi Shinichi Izumi’s counterpart in Japan. The star will be in her first Netflix Original show, Parasyte: The Grey. Jeon So Nee has been in movies like Ghost Walk, An Algorithm, and Jo Pil Ho: The Dawning Rage, as well as Korean shows like Scripting Your Destiny and When My Love Blooms.

Sael Kang Woo will be played by Koo Kyo Hwan. Koo Kyo Hwan is known right away to fans of the Netflix Original series D.P. as Han Ho Yul. The actor was also in an episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, even though it was just a special role.

Lee Jung Hyun from “The Techo Queen” has been cast as Choi Joon Kyung. The Korean pop artist and actress will be making her Netflix debut. It will also be the second project she has worked on with Koo Kyoo Hwan; they both had small parts in Yeon Sang Ho’s Peninsula.

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What is the Current Production Status of Parasyte: The Grey?

The official status of production is “post-production.”

Parasyte: The Grey Release Date

Movies for the show were shot from September 2022 to February 2023. The K-drama had been in post-production for almost a year when this page was last updated.

Parasyte: The Grey Release Date

The show is no longer being filmed and is well into post-production, so we expect to see it on Netflix soon.

The Korean serial should be available on Netflix sometime in the summer of 2024. It may come out earlier in the Spring, but none of the stories or early release dates point that way.

While waiting for the premiere of Parasyte: The Grey, you can watch more shows in the same genre. Some examples of such shows are Maestro in Blue Season 2 and The Red Sky Season 2.


Netflix is transforming Hitoshi Iwaaki’s Japanese horror comic Parasyte into a live-action TV show called Parasyte: The Grey. Directed by Yeon Sang-Ho, the show follows unidentified parasitic life forms that live off human hosts and seek to grow their power.

The story revolves around Jung Soo In, Seol Kang Woo, and Choi Jun Kyung, who are part of the parasitic life team ‘The Grey’. The show is currently in post-production, with filming completed in February 2023. The Korean serial is expected to be released in 2024.

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