How to Make Shears in Minecraft and Why You Need Them?

How to Make Shears in Minecraft? Shears are one of the most useful tools in Minecraft that you will use a lot. You need them to get some blocks, like beehives, and things, like wool from sheep.

If you put them in dispensers, they can also help handle a lot of tasks. Shears don’t last long, but their cheap-making recipe makes it easy to make a lot of them. Let’s look at how to make shears in Minecraft right now in this guide.

Things You Need to Make Shears

Two iron bars are all you need to make shears. You can find them in the loot boxes of different buildings in the game, or you can make them in Minecraft by melting down raw iron or iron ore in a furnace.

How to Make Shears in Minecraft?

For this making recipe, you don’t need a crafting table; your 2×2 crafting grid will work just fine.

How to Make Shears in Minecraft?

  • Once you have the iron you need, just follow these easy steps to make shears.
  • Press the “E” key to open your collection first.
  • Put one of the iron bars in the grid’s bottom left spot.
  • Next, put the second iron ingot in the top right corner across from the first one.
  • After you do that, the shears item will show up in the upper right corner.

In Minecraft, Where Can I Find Shears?

There are a few more ways for you to get scissors in your world. One way is to trade with people in the town. On the Java version, there is a 40% chance that someone at the novice level can sell shears for two emeralds each. Sheep always sell shears in the Bedrock version.

You can get shears in two other ways. The first is to open chests in the shepherd neighbors’ homes. There is a 12% chance that you will find shears in them.

You can see that making shears is very simple but don’t think that means they aren’t useful. We wrote a whole story about all the ways shears can be used in Minecraft, so it should be clear why you need them. So, go make scissors right away!



Shears are essential tools in Minecraft for obtaining blocks and wool. They can be made using two iron bars found in loot boxes or melting raw iron ore in a furnace.

They can be found in town, in sheep’s homes, or by trading with people in town or shepherd neighbors. They are easy to make and can be used in various ways.

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