Our Dating Story Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, and More

Our Dating Story Season 2 Release Date: A Japanese light book series called You Were Experienced, I Was Not: Our Dating Story was written by Makiko Nagaoka and drawn by Magako. The series began in September 2020 under Fujimi Shobo’s Fujimi Fantasia Bunko label.

A lot of people are interested in the show’s upcoming second season, and this post has all the information you need about it.

Our Dating Story Season 2 Release Date

There hasn’t been any public word yet about Season 2 of Dating Story. The last show of the first season aired on December 22, 2023. You can watch the shows on Crunchyroll.

We haven’t heard anything new about Season 2, and we shouldn’t expect to hear anything from the show’s creators soon. We must wait for the official word on Season 2 of Dating Story. You can get other information about the story until then.

What is “Our Dating Story” All About?

A sad high school student named Ryūto Kashima has to explain to Runa Shirakawa, a popular girl who is at the top of the school and who everyone looks up to because he lost a game.

our dating story season 2 release date

Runa also always brings Ryūto to her room after school. The things they like to do and the people they hang out with are very different. Even so, their differences still surprise each other. Eventually, they come to terms with them and start to bond.

But as the show goes on, Runa and Ryuto will fall in love. The person Ryuto is is quiet. He never thought he’d be able to talk to a girl as pretty and smart as Runa. But as their friendship grew, they found out more about each other.

At the end of the show, Ryuto tells Runa he loves her because he is so taken with her. In addition, Runa will say that she loves Ryuto. We look forward to a happy ending.

Who Will Be in Season 2 of Our Dating Story?

There have been no official comments about the cast of the next season, but the main cast will likely all be back for the second season of Our Dating Story. In this show, some famous and talented artists can be seen, such as

  • Ryūto Kashima
  • Runa Shirakawa
  • Maria Kurose
  • Nikoru Yamana
  • Akari Tanikita

While waiting for the premiere of Our Dating Story Season 2, you can watch more shows in the same genre. Some examples of such shows are The Doll Factory Season 2 and Miseducation Season 2.

What Will Happen in Season 2 of Our Dating Story?

Some ideas could be true. The relationship between Runa and Ryuto is expected to grow in the next season. Throughout the first season, they are ready for their differences and enjoy each other’s company.

our dating story season 2 release date

But Ryuto and Runa are not at all the same. Before he talked to another girl, he would always think about it. Because Runa is so powerful, Ryuto’s mood will change a bit in the second season as well.

A lot of new people are also going to show up in Runa and Ryuto’s lives. Their relationship with Ryoto and Runa will face new problems because of them.

Teaser/Trailer for Season 2 of Our Dating Story

Because season 2 has not yet been announced, there have been no teasers or trailers for it. The company that adapted season 1, Engi, has worked on other romance anime like “Uzaki-chan Wuants to Hang Out,” so they have a lot of experience with this type of work.

Because of this, we can expect them to keep changing Our Dating Story for the second season as well.

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The Japanese light book series “You Were Experienced, I Was Not: Our Dating Story” is set to release its second season in 2023. The show follows Ryūto Kashima, a high school student, and Runa Shirakawa, a popular girl. The show follows their friendship and their growing feelings for each other.

The cast for Season 2 is yet to be announced, but it is expected to feature famous artists and new characters. The show has been adapted from “Uzaki-chan Wuants to Hang Out” and has not yet received any official announcements.

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