Is Vanna White Married? The Wheel of Fortune Star’s Love Life Revealed

Is Vanna White Married? Even though Vanna White is one of the most famous women in America, her love life is not as public as the lives of other famous people.

The prize-winner on Wheel of Fortune is known for keeping her personal life quiet, but she is in love right now and has dated some famous people in the past. Read more about Vanna White’s past relationships, including the one she’s in now, with her husband, boyfriends, and other people.

Who is Vanna White?

Vanna Marie White is an American TV star and game show hostess. Since 1982, she has been co-host of the game show Wheel of Fortune, which is what she is best known for.

She started working as a model while she was still in school for fashion. In 1978, she competed in Miss Georgia USA.

Is Vanna White Married?

Besides her work on Wheel of Fortune, she has also played small roles or been herself in a lot of movies and TV shows. In 1987, she wrote an autobiography called Vanna Speaks. She also invests in real estate, runs the yarn brand Vanna’s Choice, and gives money to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Is Vanna White Married?

At the moment, Vanna White is not married, but she says that her bond with John Donaldson is so strong that she might as well be.

It was October 2023 when White told PEOPLE, “I mean, we’ve been together for 12 years, and I feel like we are married.” “Should we get married?” Since we’re happy with our relationship, the answer is no. Do you get what I mean? It seems like he’s perfect. He knows I’m the one.

She then said that getting married hasn’t been on her mind much with Donaldson.

“We try not to talk about it, but it’s always a possibility,” she admitted. “I guess we could, but at this point, we’re married to each other.”

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How Many Times Has Vanna White Been Married?

George Santo Pietro was the only person White ever married. They got married in 1990 and asked for the end of their marriage in 2002. They have a son named Nicholas “Nikko” and a girl named Giovanna “Gigi” who are both by Santo Pietro.

White and Nikko are both quiet, but a selfie he took with her in 2018 went viral.

Is Vanna White Married?

Check out the reason below!

She’s only been married once, but she was engaged twice before. In 1986, she was about to get married to star John Gibson, who worked in soap operas. Sadly, he died in an airplane crash.

Hearing that Gibson had died too soon was “devastating” for White (Closer Weekly). “However, the huge amount of fan mail I got was very encouraging; it made me feel better to know I wasn’t the only one going through this.”

It was between 2004 and 2006 that she was engaged to businessman Michael Kaye, but they broke up before she could get married.

How Did Ohn Donaldson and Vanna White Meet?

One of Vanna White’s cookouts in 2012 was where she and her boyfriend, John Donaldson, met for the first time. After getting divorced ten years before, White and Santo Pietro finally met in 2002.

People magazine reported in 2019 that White had said, “He’s really cute” when she saw him. “We talked for a long time that night.” In her speech, she said, “This works.” When we’re with him, we can both be ourselves. There is no drama.



Vanna White, an American TV star and game show hostess, is currently in love with John Donaldson. Despite not being married, White has dated several famous people in the past. She has been married once to George Santo Pietro, twice to John Gibson, and once to Michael Kaye.

Their relationship began in 2002 after a cookout together. White and Donaldson met in 2012 after getting divorced ten years before. They have a son named Nicholas and a daughter named Giovanna.

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