Is Jimmy Fallon Still Married? The Truth About Their Marriage

Is Jimmy Fallon Still Married? Jimmy Fallon is the stage name of James Thomas Fallon, who is an American comedian, TV host, and actress. Fans are interested in how he is doing as a married man. They want to know if he is still married to his wife. You will find out the truth in this post.

Jim Fallon and Nancy Juvonen got married in 2007. At the time, it looked like they’d never look back, but things haven’t gone as planned. Fans want to know more about her after In Touch said their marriage has hit a rough patch. They have two girls together and both are successful in the media.

How did Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen Meet?

Nancy met Jimmy through her job and her friendship with Drew Barrymore. The women met in 1993 through Nancy’s brother Jim, who worked on the set of Drew’s movie Mad Love as a writer and director. The women now own the movie production company Flower Films together. They’ve worked on famous movies like Donnie Darko, 50 First Dates, and Never Been Kissed.

In 2004, Nancy met Jimmy for the first time on the set of Saturday Night Live, where Drew was a guest host. “I walked in slowly, and all of a sudden Jimmy said, ‘Hey, Nancy!'” Are you Nancy? During an at-home show of The Tonight Show, she said, “Hi, it’s great to meet you, welcome!” “I felt so loved and cool, like, ‘Thank you!'” Thanks for making me feel welcome. “This is so nice, but this place is so scary.”

Is Jimmy Fallon Still Married?

When Nancy and Jimmy started working together on Fever Pitch, the good first impression stayed with them. “So, I had that thought going in years ago.” On the other hand, the set of Fever Pitch was real life, which gives everyone a camp feel.

His personality was warm and friendly, and he loved music, as the former flight attendant said. Her heart “melted even more” when she saw how great the comic was with kids when the kids of co-producer Bradley Thomas came to visit the set.

For Jimmy, it was a pair of white pants that made him fall deeply in love with the woman who is now his wife. As they filmed in Boston, he said, “You came to set… in white pants, a pink sweater, and a green backpack… with blonde hair and your white teeth.” “In this gray background, you stood out like a painting.” You were bright like a light sign… I thought, “Wow.” You did stand out. Also, you were so much fun. Didn’t we have a great time on set?”

When did Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen tie the knot?

In August 2007, they got engaged. Four months later, in December 2007, they got married on a beach in the Caribbean. In 2013, their daughter Winnie was born. The next year, Frances, who goes by the name Franny, was born. Both were born through a surrogate.

Are Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen Still Together?

Jimmy and Nancy seemed to be happy together for a while, but a source told In Touch in October 2023 that the writers’ strike in Hollywood made things harder between them. “Jimmy and Nancy have always had a bad relationship, but lately it’s been really bad.”

Is Jimmy Fallon Still Married?

“They fought a lot, especially during the writers’ strike, over money, where to live, and his drinking,” a source told In Touch.

The news source says Jimmy now lives on Long Island, while Nancy and the girls live in the family home in Sagaponack. According to reports, the TV host didn’t give a “clear reason” for moving.



Jimmy Fallon, an American comedian, TV host, and actress, married Nancy Juvonen in 2007. They met in 1993 on the set of Drew Barrymore’s movie Mad Love. They met on the set of Fever Pitch in 2004. They got engaged in 2007 and had two daughters, Winnie and Franny.

However, their marriage has been strained due to the writers’ strike in Hollywood. Jimmy now lives on Long Island, while Nancy and the girls live in Sagaponack. They have two daughters and are both successful in the media.

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