Absolute Beginners Season 2 Release Date: When and Where to Stream the Polish Drama?

Absolute Beginners Season 2 Release Date: It’s clear that Netflix is trying to add more young adult movies and TV shows. So far, it has produced several genre shows that have captured the hearts of fans.

At this time, it has given people another teen romantic story to watch: Absolute Beginners. As expected, the show has broken all the records, and fans can’t wait for more. But even though there is a lot of excitement about Absolute Beginners Season 2, it is still not clear if the show will come back.

Is the huge streaming service going to surprise its users? Please wait a moment while we tell you some good news. So, stay with us until we tell you what Netflix has decided.

Absolute Beginners was made by Nina Lewandowska and Kamila Tarabura. It’s about two friends named Niko and Lena and their trip. It all starts with a desire to attend film school. To make their dream come true, the two friends go to the beautiful Polish coast to film their movie.

Niko doesn’t feel the same way about it as Lena, though, so things get awkward for him. While he is thinking about things, another boy comes in and makes things difficult between them. It then shows how close they are as friends and how far they are willing to go to reach their goal.

Is There Going to Be a Second Season of Absolute Beginners?

Absolute Beginners is a Polish teen story that came out in October 2023 and quickly became a huge hit. There’s no question that both viewers and critics have been giving the show a lot of praise. The drama has been getting a lot of attention for how it shows people in the autism range.

The show has gone above and beyond the coming-of-age expectations with its amazing acting and story. Absolute Beginners Season 2 is still unclear, even though the show has amazed viewers around the world. This is because Netflix hasn’t officially picked up the show for a second season yet.

Absolute Beginners Season 2 Release Date:

Some sources, though, say the show has already been picked up for a second season. They said that the show was promoted as having two parts. The site has already shown the first part, so the next part can now begin. But the main page for the show doesn’t have that kind of information about Absolute Beginners Season 2.

The streaming service hasn’t talked about Polish action on any of its social media pages yet. So, it’s still not clear if the streaming giant has officially picked up the show for a second season.

But there’s no question that the series was very well made in terms of the movies and the story. The trouble between the teens and how they deal with it is beautifully shown.

IMDb gave the show 7.2 stars out of 10, which is one of the best ratings for a Polish thriller. So, Netflix may soon make a public statement. Again, there is no official word yet on whether or not Absolute Beginners Season 2 will happen.

Chances of a Second Season of Absolute Beginners!

There has been no public word yet about Season 2 of Absolute Beginners. Anyway, it usually takes the streaming giant a few months to make a choice public. In the Polish play, on the other hand, the story of the characters is over. The show has a good start, middle, and end.

In other words, the show has come to a natural end. IMDb says that the Polish story is a miniseries. This makes it less likely that it will come back. But there is still no proof. This is because a source says that the series is on the cards. That means it might go back to the streaming service.

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Absolute Beginners Season 2: What Could Have Happened Next?

The show is like a roller coaster. During the season, it has seen a lot. Niko and Lena, both of whom have autism, chose to work on a movie project. Even though Lena’s story was about deep love, Niko didn’t feel comfortable filming some private scenes with her.

Absolute Beginners Season 2 Release Date:

He didn’t feel the same way she did, it turned out. But when Igor came along, their story took a different turn. He was set on making the national basketball team. Even though he had high hopes, he drowned and died. Lucky for him, Niko saw him and saved his life. Then Lena recorded the whole CPR scene and chose to show Igor their movie.

At first, he didn’t want to join them. But after that, he became a part of a love triangle. Even though everything went well, Niko and Ignore knew they liked each other. As the show went on, there were some great love scenes between them.

To be honest, Igor chose to be true to himself and turned down the chance to join the national basketball team in favor of Niko. The second one did the same thing for his love. At the same time, Lena was having some problems. It was important to her that Niko and Igor’s sex scenes stay in her movie. But the latter didn’t feel good about that.

They got into a fight, and Lena chose to leave. After that, she moved in with her mom while she thought about whether or not to use that scene. At the very end, she chose to cut those scenes from her movie and then went to her dream school.

With this kind of plot, there isn’t much hope of an Absolute Beginners Season 2. If it comes back, though, it will look into the lives of the three and see if they are still together. It could also help us understand Igor and Niko’s friendship and how they prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

Cast List for Season 2 of Absolute Beginners

If the show comes back, the main cast will be back. Maręa Byczkowska will play Lena Glowacka again, Bartlomiej Deklewa will play Niko, and Jan Salasinski will play Igor Tymczenko. Along with them, Katarzyna Warnke and Piotr Witkowski may also come back as Tamara and Dawid, Lena’s parents.

Anna Krotoska and Andrzej Konopka may come back as Niko’s parents, Bogusia and Pawel. There’s a chance that Season 2 of Absolute Beginners will have some new characters. We’ll let you know soon.

Absolute Beginners Season 2: Release Date

As was already said, Netflix has not yet made a public statement about Season 2 of Absolute Beginners. So, it’s still not clear when the show will come back. It will take almost a month to finish filming if the show gets the go-ahead soon.

Based on this schedule, we think the show will come back sometime in early 2025. Still, some sources say that Season 2 of Absolute Beginners will come out in the fourth quarter of 2024. We’ll let you know as soon as we get the official word. That’s all for now.

Until the premiere of Absolute Beginners Season 2, there are lots of other shows to keep you occupied from the same genre. Home Town Season 3, Moriarty the Patriot Season 3, and many more come under this category.


Netflix has announced the release date for Absolute Beginners Season 2, a Polish teen romance series about two friends, Niko and Lena, who are on a journey to attend film school. The show, which has received high praise for its portrayal of people in the autism range, has been praised for its acting and story.

Despite the show’s success, Netflix has not officially announced a second season. Some sources suggest that the show has already been promoted as having two parts, but the main page for the show does not provide any information about the second season.

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