Nothing to See Here Season 2 Release Date: Will the Spanish Comedy Return for More?

Nothing to See Here Season 2 Release Date: Netflix just recently added some great new shows to its library. There’s Nothing To See Here among them. When two disabled men start a new trip, the show challenges people’s views on life.

Even though the show just started, fans are already wondering what will happen next with its very unique plot. Will Season 2 of Nothing to See Here come back? What if we told you that the person who makes the show is already planning for it to happen? Yes, of course! Good news for people who really enjoy the show.

Read on to find out what will happen next in the story.

Nothing To See Here is a Spanish humor show made by Santiago Limon and Big Drama. The show is about a young man who is blind and his life. After moving out of his parents’ house, he tries to figure out how to live in Mexico City.

But now that things have changed, they’re a little more complex and funny, which reminds him of his true potential. His best friend also helps him figure out what to do with his life by suggesting that he become a stand-up comedian. That changes things quickly for him and his friend.

Nothing to See Here Season 2: Will It Be Renewed?

I just watched the Spanish comedy Nothing To See Here on Netflix for the first time on November 17, 2023. As soon as it came out, it was a huge hit, and fans couldn’t wait for more. Is there going to be a second season of Nothing to See Here?

The show has now been added to the streaming service. It’s hard to say for sure if the network will come back for another season. Also, it’s only been a week since it played, so it’s too early to tell how many people watched it.

Nothing to See Here Season 2 Release Date

Netflix usually waits a couple of months to say what will happen with a show. The choice to renew is mostly based on how well the show is doing and how much it costs to make. Since the huge streaming service hasn’t released its viewing numbers yet, it’s safe to say that Nothing To See Here Season 2 will be back.

According to IMDb, the show has also done really well. 7.5 out of 10 stars are good enough to recommend it. Because of this, we think the show might come back.

Did the Creator Hint at a Possible Return?

Neither the streaming service nor the show’s author has said anything about what will happen next with the show. There’s no question that the show is doing well, but no official word has been made yet.

In addition, the group still needs to talk about how Nothing To See Here Season 2 is being made. It’s hard to say for sure if the show will come back since there isn’t much information out there right now.

But It’s Going to Be Back as a Movie!

Deadline said earlier in December 2023 that Elizabeth Gabler is going to make a movie called “Nothing To See Here.” Gabler started 3000 Pictures, a production company based on Sony after he left Fox 2000. The company won an auction for the movie rights.

The movie is based on Kevin Wilson’s recently published book. Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber will write and direct the movie. Well, the two of them have made a lot of hit movies, like “The Fault in Our Stars.” That’s why this movie is likely to do really well.

Nothing to See Here Season 2 Release Date

The source says that there were at least four bidders at the sale over the weekend. Kevin will also be the show’s executive producer, and the deal is official with a mid-to-high-six-figure salary. The movie hasn’t been shot yet. This movie is not a follow-up to the Spanish thriller, though. In this case, there is nothing to see here.

Second season. In fact, the story is told in a way that is different from the comedy. There is no link between the movie and the play, even though they both have the same name. That means the show’s writer hasn’t said anything yet, and the future of the show is still unknown.

What’s the Movie About?

Kevin’s Nothing To See Here is about how Lillian and Madison, who are roommates at a fancy boarding school, get along. But when drugs are found in their place, their lives change. The rich father of Madison asks Lillian for help to save his child. He pays her to blame himself.

Because of this event, they no longer talk to each other and are no longer close. But when Lillian writes Madison a letter asking for help, their lives get mixed up again.

There is Probably Nothing to See Here in Season 2!

There’s a good chance that Nothing To See Here will return for a second season. This is due to the show’s great showing. At the same time, the first season left some loose ends. The show had a great finish, but it still hasn’t shown what will happen to Alexis and Charly in the future.

After telling Azul she’s sorry at the end of the first season, Alexis finally joins his group again. Also, the end credits give the impression that Alexis is doing well in his job and Charly is becoming a good boss.

There is now a world for them to live in. There is a catch, though! The group is still looking for Chocho in the end. Well, the second one has a bad story arc. Because of money, her club has a bad time. She knows he can save her, though. But the ending hints that things will get more complicated.

Even though the group gets back together, they still have to find Chocho because they agreed to do so. We can expect Nothing To See Here Season 2 to come back because of this unfinished storyline. This shows what will happen to Chocho and her club.

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Netflix has added Nothing To See Here, a Spanish comedy show about two disabled men who start a new life in Mexico City. The show, created by Santiago Limon and Big Drama, has received 7.5 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

Netflix has not yet announced if the network will renew the show, but it is likely to return due to its success and the cost of production. Elizabeth Gabler is set to direct a movie based on Kevin Wilson’s book, “Nothing To See Here,” with Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber writing and directing.

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