Big Little Lies Season 3 Release Date: Nicole Drops Hints About Season 3!

Big Little Lies Season 3 Release Date: The mystery show’s second season ended the story. But what if we told you that Season 3 of Big Little Lies might be coming out soon? Fans are talking about the hit show coming back after hearing new information from the cast and crew.

Fans might have felt like the second season wrapped up some loose ends, but it also left them with a lot of questions about what happened to different characters. Will Bonnie get away without getting in trouble? What will happen with the Monterey Five? We’ll also talk about whether HBO has announced season 3 and when it might come out.

The artists who play the parts in Big Little Lies are some of the best in the business. According to Liane Moriarty’s book of the same name, the show was based on it. It debuted in 2017.

Their second season, however, ended in 2019, which has made fans want to know what’s going on with the show. Fans haven’t seen the mystery-comedy in four years. But will there be a third season? Let us find out.

Nicole Kidman Drops Hints About Season 3 Of “Big Little Lies”

Nicole Kidman, who plays Celeste Wright on Big Little Lies, has some good news for fans. During a Q&A at the CME Group Tour Championship on November 17, 2023, the actor revealed that Season 3 of Big Little Lies will be coming. However, it’s important to note that HBO has not yet officially confirmed that the show will be renewed.

Casey Bloys, who runs HBO’s programming, talked about how much he loves the show and the character. It doesn’t look like there will be a third season, though. He also said that the players in the show are some of the busiest people in the world and that it’s hard to find time to film the show.

Big Little Lies Season 3 Release Date

It’s possible that the show will get another season, but only if the cast members’ plans allow it. The head of programming is open to the idea.

Nicole Kidman, on the other hand, seems positive about Big Little Lies Season 3 because she has already said she is interested in it. In 2019, the star talked about how much she loves the project and how she gets to work on it with her friends, which they both enjoy.

This is another sign of hope from Reese Witherspoon, who stars in and produces the show. In May 2020, she said that the group is planning their schedules for season 3 because they want to make it happen. Fans are still waiting for an official word on Season 3 of Big Little Lies, but things are looking good for the future.

What’s the Story of the Next Season?

The HBO show was based on Liane Moriarty’s book, so the Monterey Five were involved in a murder case for the first two seasons. At the end of the second season, Bonnie admitted that she had pushed Perry down the stairs.

Even though the riddle was solved and some storylines were wrapped up, there are still some ways that the story could go on. Of course, if there is a third season of Big Little Lies, it will have to be different from the book. Furthermore, the story of the next season might be shaped by developing new personalities.

The Cast of Season 3 of “Big Little Lies”

Not only did the story of the mystery-comedy work but so did the great acting in it. Many famous actors from Hollywood play parts in the show, including the Monterey Five and other minor roles. People have also praised the casting for giving most of the parts to women to help and support them more.

A lot of famous people are in the show, like Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Zoe Kravitz, Shailene Woodley, and Laura Dern. Meryl Streep, a famous actor, joined the group for the second season.

Big Little Lies Season 3 Release Date

Everyone from Season 2 of Big Little Lies is expected to come back for Season 3. There could be scheduling problems since they are some of the biggest people in Hollywood. The stars, on the other hand, seem determined to make it work.

The show was created by Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, who will also work on future seasons. The first season was directed by Jean Marc-Vallee, and the second season was produced by him. He died in 2021, which was sad. Because of this, the future tasks of the directors have not yet been decided.

Is Jennifer Lopez Going to Join the Cast?

With this big of a group, things can only get better for fans. Jennifer Lopez, an actor and singer, was asked to be in Season 3 of Big Little Lies by Witherspoon. She said she would love to have Jennifer Lopez on Monterey Five when she was talking about which star she would like to see.

This is because being with her is always fun. There are already a lot of big names on the show, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the singer joined for the next season. Still, HBO or the show’s producers haven’t made the cast public.

Big Little Lies Season 3 Release Date

Fans can’t wait to find out when the dark comedy murder riddle show will come back. Recent events point to Season 3 of Big Little Lies being on the way. A release date has not yet been set by the leaders, though. In addition, no one knows if or when the show will start filming.

Season 2 was four years ago. But the joy and buzz about Big Little Lies Season 3 haven’t died down yet. The show that won an Emmy is known for having a great plot, great acting, and great production value. Fans are looking forward to seeing some of the biggest names in Hollywood in another season.

Until the premiere of Big Little Lies Season 3, there are lots of other shows to keep you occupied from the same genre. Hotel Portofino Season 3, Capitani Season 3, and many more come under this category.


Big Little Lies Season 3 is expected to return after the second season ended in 2019. The mystery show, based on Liane Moriarty’s book, debuted in 2017 and ended in 2019. The cast and crew, including Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, are excited about the possibility of a third season.

The show, which was created by Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, is known for its great plot, acting, and production value. The Monterey Five, who were involved in a murder case for the first two seasons, are expected to return for Season 3.

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