Everyone Else Burns Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

Get ready for a new season of the exciting show “Everyone Else Burns”! The first season of this British series, which was made by JAX Media and Universal International Studios, was very popular.

The talented cast of Simon Bird, Kate O’Flynn, Amy James-Kelly, Harry Connor, and Morgana Robinson made the show a roller coaster of comedy and tension.

Fans were thrilled when the show was picked up for a second season in May 2023. The first season left them wanting more. Here is what we know about the second season, which will start soon.

Everyone Else Burns Season 2 Renewal Status

Channel 4 has renewed the apocalypse comedy Everyone Else Burns, which stars Simon Bird, and given the go-ahead to a Rosie Jones series called Disability Benefits, which will be made by Sharon Horgan.

Everyone Else Burns was made by Broad City’s creators, Jax Media, and Universal International Studios. It’s about a family led by David (The Inbetweeners’ Bird), who is part of a religious group called The Order.

Everyone Else Burns Season 2 Release Date

It has gotten a lot of praise for how lightly and sensitively it handles the topics. According to Deadline, the first season has been picked up by The CW in the U.S., but Season 2 hasn’t been picked up yet.

In Season 2, Rachel, David’s daughter (played by Amy James-Kelly), looks for a new path. There is also a rebellion that could change the whole community drastically, and a figure from the past comes back and could change the family’s future.

Everyone Else Burns Season 2 Release Date

No one knows when the second season of the show will come out, and it won’t come out soon enough. On January 23, 2023, the first six shows of the thrilling first season were shown for the first time in the UK.

Even though we don’t know all of the details, it seems likely that the second season is already being made, though it may be a while before it comes out.

Fans can look forward to a second season with six shows, which could be the same number as the first season or even more. It is expected that the series will come out sometime in 2024.

Until the premiere of Everyone Else Burns Season 2, there are lots of other shows to keep you occupied from the same genre. The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 2, Goblin Slayer Season 2, and many more come under this category.

What Will Happen in the Second Season of Everyone Else Burns?

“Saved by Faith” is a funny show about growing up that focuses on the lives of the Manchester family, who are members of a strict Christian group. Set in a very religious town, the show follows this unique family as they try to balance their strong values with the challenges of modern life.

Everyone Else Burns Season 2 Release Date

It’s funny and heartwarming to watch. Join them as they try to figure out how to live in the complicated world of today while staying out of hell. The show is a thoughtful look at what it means to grow up, love, and laugh while staying true to their strong religious beliefs.

It has a nice mix of faith, family values, and fun. We still don’t know what will happen in the second season, but we hope it will pick up where the first season left off.

Everyone Else Burns Season 2 Cast

Simon Bird plays David Lewis, Kate O’Flynn plays Fiona Lewis, Amy James-Kelly plays Rachel Lewis, Harry Connor plays Aaron Lewis, Morgana Robinson plays Melissa, Lolly Adefope plays Miss Simmons, Ali Khan plays Joshua, Kadiff Kirwan plays Andrew, Arsher Ali plays Elder Samson, Liam Williams plays Joel, Al Roberts plays Elder Abijah, Soph Galustian plays Julia, and Kath Hughes plays Sid.

We don’t know who will be in the second season yet, but we hope that the talented players from the first season will be back. We also think that new actors or actresses might be added to the series.


Channel 4 has renewed the popular British series “Everyone Else Burns” for a second season, set to premiere in 2024. The show follows a family led by David, a member of the religious group The Order. The cast includes Simon Bird, Kate O’Flynn, Amy James-Kelly, Harry Connor, and Morgana Robinson.

The second season is expected to feature a new plot, a rebellion, and a return of a past figure. The cast is yet to be announced, but fans hope to see returning actors and new additions to the series.

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