5 Reasons to Pick Up GTA San Andreas: Why It’s Still Worth Playing in 2023?

5 Reasons to Pick Up GTA San Andreas in 2023: When it comes to OG games, GTA San Andreas is one of the best-known games in the world. It was made by Rockstar Games and came out in 2004.

With its open world and fun gameplay, it changed the way games were made at the time. In 2021, the company released a remastered version of the game, but many fans still like the 2004 version for different reasons.

After the final version of GTA San Andreas came out, there were no legal ways to get the original version. But experienced players who already have it in their game libraries can play it like they always have.

5 Reasons Why You Should Still Play GTA San Andreas in the Year 2023

1) The Game Has More Features Than Any Other in the Series

When compared to the other Grand Theft Auto games, GTA San Andreas has the most detailed story. Many fans also say that the game is bigger than the most recent one. It is the biggest game in the series to be made in 3D, and there are many ways to play it.

5 Reasons to Pick Up GTA San Andreas in 2023

You can explore three big cities and a number of small places with their maps. The suburban and rural places are so big that it can take hours to see everything there is to see. Each place also changes the way the game is played. Many fans hope that Grand Theft Auto 6 will have the same open-world style.

2) To Find the Easter Eggs

GTA San Andreas’s open world is not barren or empty. Instead, Rockstar Games made it full of secret Easter eggs and references that make it more fun to explore. There are a lot of them spread out all over the map.

There are a lot of Easter eggs in GTA San Andreas, which is a big reason to play it again in 2023. They talk about real-life events and make fun of Rockstar Games’ competitors in funny ways. To finish the game 100%, you also need to find all the Easter eggs.

3) To Know the History

Even though many people have finished the game more than once, only a small number of people know about its story. In December 2012, Rockstar surprised players by putting out a 21-minute-long prologue movie for the 2004 game. Even though the game has a huge number of fans, only a small number of them have seen it.

5 Reasons to Pick Up GTA San Andreas in 2023

So, if you want to know more about the story, you should watch the GTA San Andreas introduction video before you play the game again. The movie shows CJ’s life and what Grove Street was like before the game started. If you really like the main character, you have to watch it to understand how the game works.

4) Mods

One of the biggest mod groups, which is still going strong in 2023, is for San Andreas. There are a lot of mods and fixes available from the modders that make the game better. You can find mods that improve your game’s graphics, map editors, character skins, car mods, and a lot more.

Many fans also say that San Andreas’s graphics mods make it even better than the GTA Trilogy remastered version. With third-party mods, you can also play the game with other people.

5) Play on Any Platform You Want

As we’ve already said, you can’t buy the original San Andreas game in 2023. Those who already own the game can, however, play it on the following platforms:

  • PlayStation 2
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X
  • PC
  • Apple Macintosh
  • Apple iOS
  • Android

The cellphone version of GTA San Andreas can still be bought in 2023. But you should know that the game isn’t cross-platform, and your progress is only saved on your own device. Still, you can play it on any computer, which makes it worth a try in 2023.


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