How to Mine Coal Efficiently in Minecraft 1.20: The Optimal Level Revealed

There are many different kinds of ores in Minecraft, and each one has a different meaning and purpose. Coal is a type of mineral that is usually made from coal dust. This item is mostly used to make lamps, campfires, and chargers.

It is also a great source of fuel. Fishermen also have a 50 percent chance of getting 10 pieces of coal for one emerald. Even though there are better fuel sources, coal is the easiest and fastest to gather, especially in the beginning.

The 1.18 update changed how ores are spread out across the Overworld. So, this post will show new players and people who haven’t played in a while the best level to mine coal in Minecraft 1.20.

Everything in Minecraft 1.20 that has to do with getting the most coal:

Distribution of Coal Ore in Minecraft

Coal seems to be made in two groups per chunk in the Java version. Most of the time, this metal is found in groups of 0-37. The first batch of coal rock tries to generate 30 times per chunk between Y levels 136 and 320.

The second batch tries to generate 20 times between Y levels 0 and 192. In the Bedrock edition, coal ore is usually made in three batches: two like the Java version, and a third between Y levels 128 and 256.

Best Level for Coal in Minecraft 1.20

In the second batch, only half of the coal that is made per chunk is revealed. The rest of the coal ores are hidden by blocks made of stone, granite, diorite, or something else.

The Best Minecraft Level to Find Coal

As we’ve already talked about, coal can be found all over the world. As you move toward either end of the above range, the amount of metal you get decreases. So, the best level in Minecraft 1.20 to find coal is Y level 96.

Some Advice on How to Mine for Coal Ore

A pickaxe is the only tool you can use to dig coal ore. It won’t help at all to use any other tool. One coal comes from one coal ore. So, players can use a shovel that is enchanted with a fortune to get more drops. As the amount of the Fortune enchantment goes up, so does the number of drops.

Fortune I will drop between 1 and 2 coals, Fortune II between 1 and 3 coals, and Fortune III between 1 and 4 coals. So, a player can get a maximum of four coal from a single coal ore.

Where Else You Can Find Coal

Even though mining is the best way to find coal, there are other ways. Coal can be found in chests in buildings like mineshafts, dungeons, igloos, ancient cities, villages, shipwrecks, strongholds, trail ruins, woodland mansions, cold ocean ruins, and underwater ruins.

When killed, there is a 0.33 percent chance that a wither skeleton will drop a piece of coal.


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