Is JoshDub Gay? Separating Fact from Fiction About His Sexuality

Is JoshDub Gay? Joshua Wanders is an Australian YouTuber who goes by the name JoshDub online. He focuses on gaming videos, especially virtual reality game videos.

Josh and a few of his friends are often in different sketches with him in his movies. His management company, Click Management, says that he was one of the first people to offer VR entertainment on YouTube.

Besides Crayator and Xtended Reality, he has also worked with SwaggerSouls. He has also teamed up with SMASHINGVR, a friend in real life.

People are wondering if Josh is gay and if he is dating Mully because Mully’s name keeps coming up in the comments section of JoshDub’s most recent video, and people are already missing him and how well they got along.

So, Josh Dub is gay, right? Or do these stories have no truth to them? Let’s get right to it and read the story to find out the truth about the YouTuber’s sexual orientation.

Who is JoshDub?

Joshua Wanders, an Australian gamer who is known for his virtual reality (VR) gaming movies on YouTube, goes by the online name JoshDub. He has more than 9 million people following him on YouTube, and he is a part of a group of gamers called “The Boys.”

Is JoshDub Gay?

He started his YouTube page in 2013 and has worked with well-known VR gamers like Mully, Your Narrator, EddieVR, JuicyFruitSnacks, and Reekid.

Is JoshDub Gay?

No, Josh Dub is not gay, but his sexuality might be hard to figure out for a few different reasons. First, some people have made assumptions about his friendship with fellow YouTuber Mully because they work together on videos a lot.

Josh even sent a funny tweet in answer to these rumors, which said,

“Can people stop asking me if Mully is a lesbian, it’s affecting the way I interpret his actions.”

Josh has also written things on Instagram like “Pride month is over.. so why are you still gay?” that have added to the rumors.

But it’s important to remember that these posts are just for fun and shouldn’t be taken as clues about how he really feels about himself. Josh has only ever been with women, which is clear proof that he is not gay.

Who Is JoshDub Dating?

JoshDub isn’t dating anyone right now, but he used to date Kristy Cherise, who is also an Australian gamer and streamer.

The couple said that they had been together since the beginning of JoshDub’s YouTube career, but they broke up at the beginning of this year.

Is JoshDub Gay?

JoshDub went on Twitter and YouTube to say that Kristy and he were no longer together. He wrote, “Kristy and I broke up, but we’re still friends:)”

The couple made a YouTube movie together in which they said they were still good friends and there was no bad blood between them.

“We broke up it’s pretty mixable pretty much the most adult breakup that I think you can have. So we just wanted different things.”

Kristy, on the other hand, said:

“Everything’s all good there’s no bad blood between us, we just ask that, obviously you guys do respect our boundaries and if you have any questions to ask just do so respectfully.”

Even though Kristy was on Josh’s Instagram feed for a few months after they broke up, they are no longer seen together.

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JoshDub, an Australian YouTuber known for his VR gaming videos, has been a subject of speculation about his sexuality. He has worked with well-known VR gamers like Mully, Your Narrator, EddieVR, JuicyFruitSnacks, and Reekid.

JoshDub is not currently dating anyone, but he used to date Australian gamer and streamer Kristy Cherise. They broke up at the beginning of this year, but JoshDub has since confirmed that they are still friends. Despite the rumors, JoshDub has not been seen with women.

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