The Best Ways to Find and Explore Villages in Minecraft 1.20

Best ways to find villages in Minecraft 1.20: Some of the most viewed buildings in Minecraft are villages. Even though it’s fun and exciting to find buildings in the Overworld, what really makes players want to explore them is the great starting loot they hold. In the first few days of a trip to survive, food and wood are two of the most important things to have. The villages make it easy to get these things.

Even though these are pretty common in the game, there are ways to make finding them a lot easier and faster. In this piece, we look at the different ways that the Minecraft 1.20 update gives you to find a village.

How to Find a Village Quickly in Minecraft 1.20?

Aside from the loot they drop, the mobs in Minecraft’s villages can help players find rare and useful things in a big way. Some of the most important mobs live in villages. These mobs are called “villagers.” Some of these amazing passive entities can be turned into hired traders who sell rare and hard-to-find things.

But players must first find a town before they can trade within it. Here are some of the best ways to find one quickly:

Use Commands

In Minecraft, commands are a lot like cheat codes, and they are built into the “vanilla” version of the game. It’s important to remember that players can only use this function if they have cheats turned on in their world.

With cheats turned on, it’s easy to find not just towns but any building in the game. All players have to do is open their chat window and type “/locate structure Minecraft:village_type.”

Best ways to find villages in Minecraft 1.20

In this command, they must say what kind of town they want to find. Plains, taiga, desert, savanna, and snow are some of the choices. If the information is right, the game will give the player the coordinates of the nearest village of the type they chose.

There is a simple way for Java Edition players who want to use this command in a world where cheats are normally turned off to briefly turn them on. After loading the world, they need to pause the game and go to the “Open to LAN” option. Here, they can make a LAN world that lets them use cheats.

Visit the Grasslands and the Desert Biome

Players should spend most of their time exploring flat biomes like deserts and plains if they want to find more towns in Minecraft.

Villages are more likely to appear in these places because the land is more open, which makes it easier for players to spot the different village buildings. This method makes it more likely that they will find villages, which will make their trip more useful and fun.

Use a Custom Seed

When a player starts a new world, they can choose to use a custom seed that makes a world with a town near or at the spawn point. There are a lot of these seeds for Minecraft 1.20 that are easy to find online, so players can just copy and paste them into the world-building screen.

Many players may already have a base set up and have put a lot of time into their Minecraft world. Now, they want to find nearby towns and check them out.

They can make this job easier by using a seed map, which is an online tool that requires them to enter their world seed, game version, and edition. It then gives them a map of their world, which makes it easy to find villages and other nearby buildings and write down their coordinates.

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