Minecraft: 5 Map Seeds That Are So Weird, They’re Awesome

Since the Minecraft terrain generator can make an endless number of worlds, it is sure to make some interesting places to explore. Minecraft’s terrain generation is always getting better, but adding new materials, biomes, and buildings can make some strange worlds. Sharing strange seeds has always been a part of Minecraft, and it never will stop.

No two seeds, even the weird ones, will look the same. Players can find two or more naturally occurring biomes or landmarks that are in conflict with each other. This is a strange sight that is worth seeing. Players could even pick one of these strange seeds as their main living world and have a unique landmark.

5. Sinister Outpost

  • Seed: 694200032092157814
  • Found By: stofix_
  • Coordinates: X: -7 Z: 88
  • Platform: Java

Pillager outposts aren’t as common as towns and have been around for a while. Because Pillager bases haven’t changed much over the years, many people think they are old and boring to clear. In this seed, the Pillager base is on a rock that looks like a glacier and is surrounded by ice and water.

5 Weird Minecraft Seeds

The Pillager station is at the top of the mountain, and a lava fall adds to the creepy atmosphere of this Pillager outpost. Once players fight their way to the top and clear the Pillager station, they will be able to see a beautiful view that makes the hard fight worth it.

Northeast of the Pillager outpost is a big island with snow, goats, horses, cows, and a deep valley.

4. Underground Abandoned Hell Village

  • Seed: -2404910741640601849
  • Found By: DylanDC14
  • Coordinates: X: 7 Z: 9
  • Platform: Java

This Village is as close as players can get to seeing what a Village in the Nether would look like. A few blocks away from bedrock, these unfortunate Villagers are accompanied by lava, zombies, and a spider spawner. If you’re looking for a challenge, this seed is for you. The spawn point is right in the abandoned underground town, near the spider spawner.

The spider spawner is closer to the abandoned Village than you might think. It has two boxes set up in an odd way. If you want to test your skills as a gamer with this seed, you could make it a goal to save the two cats in the abandoned town and get them to the surface safely.

Inside the abandoned town, there is a villager who has turned into a zombie and is stuck in cobwebs. It is easy to turn him back into a villager. Also, players can see a diamond ore from the abandoned Village as a reason to take on this terrible seed.

3. Sky Shipwreck

  • Seed: 7777777783367547455
  • Found By: Fragrant_Result_186
  • Coordinates: X: 300 Y: 220 Z: -900
  • Platform: Bedrock

This seed gives teams a lot to think about. Players can say that an unlucky pirate who got on Poseidon’s bad side is to blame for a ship that seemed to “float” upwards.

5 Weird Minecraft Seeds

People who like to build in Minecraft can take this strange thing and turn it into a shrine for Poseidon. Players can get ideas for a great shrine from the shipwreck that is floating above the big waterfall and is surrounded by a town and the ocean.

At the very top of the floating island, where it is flat and full of water, there may be a place for an altar. A stronghold is only a few hundred blocks away from the drowning town, which adds to the mystery of this seed.

2. Flower Village

  • Seed: 3546586281685375270
  • Found By: daiginn
  • Coordinates: X: 2730 Y: 120 Z: 1900
  • Platform: Java & Bedrock

Even though this seed is a long way from spawning, it is full of surprises. The village in a valley full of flowers is the main center. A Pillager station and a Woodland Mansion are both close to the Village.

A cave made of dripstone covers a big part of the Woodland Mansion’s ceiling, giving it a unique look. Some of the dripstone goes all the way to the floor, and most of the windows are covered with stone. This makes the Woodlands Mansion feel scary from the inside.

Near the Village, there is a cave that goes straight to a lush cave with Axolotls arranged in a cute way. If people want to play on this seed, there are two pools of lava near the Village that they can use to fuel their furnaces.

1. Cascading Waterfall Cave

  • Seed: -3285985784210723363
  • Found By: Spore_is_dum
  • Coordinates: X: -595 Y: 100 Z: 15
  • Platform: Bedrock

This seed is great for gamers who like to make ponds look nice. The seed is made up of several streams that naturally flow through a cave. Most of the cave is filled with water, which gives it a calm, Minecraft-like feel.

This peaceful place can’t be shown in a picture, so you’ll have to explore it in the game. This seed asks players to add Axolotls to the water and then add plants and colors to make the water look nice. Once it’s done, this will be a nice place to relax, especially if one of the relaxing Minecraft songs is playing in the background.


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