10 Safehouse Mods for GTA 5 You Need to Try Right Now

Even though Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 has a lot of improvements over previous games in the series, it is still impossible to buy safehouses. At the end of the story, the three main characters, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, have made millions of dollars, but there isn’t much for them to spend it on. This problem can be solved, though, by installing safehouse mods that were made by people who play this game.

Even though Rockstar Games puts most of its effort into making material for the game’s online mode, these mods give the game’s story mode a breath of fresh air. So, here are 10 fun safehouse mods for GTA 5 players to try.

You can have fun with Galileo Michael Mansion and 9 other safehouse mods for GTA 5.

1) Music Producer’s Mansion

Zoidberg made Music Producer’s house, which adds a huge, very luxurious house to GTA 5’s story mode. It is on a hill and has many floors and a well-detailed interior. The view from all sides is beautiful. There are also armed guards on the land, which makes it feel even safer.

2) Custom Safehouse – Armed

Anyone looking for a fortress can use the Custom Safehouse – Armed mod.

10 safehouse mods for GTA 5
Custom Safehouse – Armed

This mod, which was made by Captain Chandler AKA Ellcrys, creates a big safe house on a hill in Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness where players can land planes, park cars, and relax in its comfy rooms.

3) Martin Madrazo’s Safehouse

Martin Madrazo is a feared drug kingpin who runs his business out of Los Santos. At first, he gives Michael a lot of grief, but over time, he gets along with him pretty well. Players only get to see his home during a few cutscenes, but with Avery’s Martin Madrazo Safehouse mod, they can now use it as a safe house.

4) Extended Police Station and Luxury Safehouse

The Extended Police Station and Luxury Safehouse GTA 5 mod, as its name suggests, combines a police station and a safehouse into one huge building. This safe house is full of not only rooms and in-game items but also LSPD cops and important characters from the story mode.

5) Galileo Michael Mansion

One of the most well-known places in Grand Theft Auto 5 is Michael’s house in Rockford Hills. But if players get tired of it, they can install the Galileo Michael Mansion and move the De Santa family to a new home.

This mod was made by Mixtro. It adds a luxurious house next to the Galileo Observatory, which looks out over the busy city of Los Santos.

6) Bel Air Billionaire

The Bel Air Billionaire mod by Guido12 is great for players who want a luxurious mansion that is neither too big nor too small.

10 safehouse mods for GTA 5
Bel Air Billionaire

In fact, it looks a lot like Franklin’s safehouse from the story mode, but it has a roof, a big garage, and an indoor pool.

7) Trevor’s Log House

After robbing the Union Depository, Trevor Phillips, like the other two main characters, got away with a lot of money. But he keeps living in his run-down trailer. Even though Rockstar Games didn’t give him a new house, Dusted’s Trevor’s Log House mod changed his trailer into a beautiful wooden home with detailed interiors and all the amenities he needs.

8) Home Ownership V

Home Ownership V is a great example of how Rockstar could bring safehouses back into the GTA series in GTA 6, if they choose to do so. This mod, which was made by M8T, adds a lot of different safehouses to the game and lets players set their own start points. This makes it one of the best safe house mods for GTA 5.

9) The Savehouse Mod: Houses, Hotels, Custom Savespots

The Savehouse Mod: Houses, Hotels, and Custom Savespots is similar to the Home Ownership V mod in that it adds properties that can be bought to the game. This mod was made by Kopalov and Henny Smafter, and one unique thing about it is that players can rent hotel rooms and flats.

10) Safehouse Reloaded

Safehouse Reloaded by HKH191 is a very popular GTA 5 mod. It adds a lot of new safehouses that can be bought to the game’s story mode. What makes it so special is that these houses are different sizes and have different designs inside, so they can fit the needs of different players.


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