GTA 5 Rally Racing: A Guide to the Top 5 Mods for Thrill Seekers

GTA 5 Rally Racing: Rally races are one of the most famous sports in GTA 5, and a lot of players do them often. Even though Rockstar Games has included a few rally races in the game, they are not enough for true racing fans. Also, the tasks get boring after you’ve done them twice or three times. So, the group of people who mod games has made a number of rally race mods that players can use in the game.

There are race tracks, cars, and other things linked to rally racing in these mods. This piece lists the top five rally race mods that GTA 5 players must try by 2023.

Top 5 mods for GTA 5 car race fans to try:-

5) Grand Senora Desert Rally

This mod turns the Grand Senora Desert into a rally course, as the name suggests. It is a long course that starts near Fort Zancudo and finishes near Sandy Shores Airfield. To get to their goal, players have to go through different terrains and hazards.

You can also change the weather, the car, the number of enemies, and other things. The popular GTA 5 mod also lets you put police cars on the road while driving. This will make the race more fun because players will have to beat their opponents and the police at the same time.

4) Los Santos Rally Map Pack

The State of San Andreas is turned into a rally race track by the Los Santos Rally Map Pack. Tank Guy’s GTA 5 map mod lets players race across the whole map. Other mods only add racetracks to small parts of the map. You can use the mod to race both on-road and off-road.

GTA 5 Rally Racing

The person who made the mod added 15 different task stages with different race tracks. One of the rounds has a 9-mile course that will keep players interested. They also said to use a “no traffic” mod and a “offroad handling” mod to make the game more fun.

3) Super Rally Cars

Rally races aren’t complete without rally cars, so modder Ultra_Pauli made the Super Rally Cars mod to add special vehicles to the game. The person who made the GTA 5 mod says that the following cars can be seen:

  • Flash GT
  • Comet Retro
  • Lynx
  • Progen PR4
  • Jester GB200

You can also change the wheels, paint jobs, and many other parts of the cars in Super Rally Cars.

2) WRC Rally Track

In GTA 5, the WRC Rally Track is an exciting place to race. The mod’s creator, Bichicrack, says that the mod changes the game’s original map and adds rally racing aspects to it. There are three stages and three kinds of weather that players can choose from. Here’s what they are:

  • Levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard.
  • Weather: Sun, Rain, and Snow.

Each stage is in a different place and on a different track. Grand Theft Auto 5 lets you drive many different cars in rally races. Around the racetrack, there are also NPCs who cheer for the cars.

1) D.I.R.T. stands for Desilvi International Rally Tournament.

One of the most popular rally race mods for GTA 5 is the Desilvi International Rally Tournament. It has a lot of fun features, like smart fuel, a way to sign up, games during the day and night, and many more. Before the race, players can also choose to be sponsored by mrchazta.

The DIRT mod has 12 different ways to race that players can use to test their skills. There are also open-world features near the race tracks that add to the detail of the tracks.

Gamepads can also be used with the Grand Theft Auto 5 PC mod. Players can race alone or with other cars that aren’t human. The game’s creator also lets players pick their team and co-drivers.

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