How to Make GTA 5 More Fun and Exciting with These 5 Amazing Mods in 2023

Top 5 GTA 5 Mods download: GTA 5 has a big modding community because it is one of the games that has been changed the most. For almost a decade, third-party writers have been making mods for the game, so there is something for every type of player. Most PC players use these mods because console users have to unlock their systems to run scripts that have been changed.

New players are often confused by the huge library of mods, and they may be scared by how many choices they have. This piece tells PC players about the top five GTA 5 mods they can try in 2023.

Top 5 GTA 5 mods for a fun game experience

5) Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The real Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone has a bad reputation for bursting and being dangerous. HitmanNiko, a modder, made the GTA 5 mod that lets players use the Note 7 as a bomb using the same idea.

It is a skin for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that changes the Sticky Bomb that is already there. The mod does the exact same things as the Sticky Bomb. But players will be able to throw and blast the Galaxy Note 7 at will. You can also change the color and background of the phone. Ammu-Nations is where you can buy the Note 7 bomb.

4) HD Low End

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a huge game, and it’s hard for low-end PCs to run it easily. Most low-end users have to lower the quality of the pictures in their games, which also makes the game less fun. To fix this problem, modder emirh08 made the HD Low-End mod, which lets all PCs run the game at high-resolution settings.

Top 5 GTA 5 Mods download

The person who made the GTA 5 graphics mod said that players will get more than 30 frames per second. But it should be said that the mod doesn’t suddenly improve the graphics of the game. It just tweaks the game’s settings so that low-end PCs can run it well.

3) Realistic Acceleration and Top Speed

Rockstar Games makes a lot of changes to the cars in GTA 5 to make them fit the game’s world. Several stats, like speed, acceleration, handling, and many others, were changed by the game studio, which often makes car fans angry. But the Realistic Top Speed and Acceleration mod puts all cars back to how they were before.

The mod’s creator, brunodrl94, says that regular cars can go up to 120 mph and supercars can go up to 200 mph. But this doesn’t mean that all cars will move quickly. Based on their class and ability, vehicles in the game will have top speeds that are true to life.

2) Powerful Launcher for Homing

One of the most powerful guns in GTA 5 is the Homing Launcher. It is a better form of the Rocket Launcher (RPG) that has missiles that can go back to where they came from.

But Rockstar Games made the tool in the game much less useful than it was before. The Powerful Homing Launcher patch was made by modder Dima4887 to bring the Homing Missile back to its former greatness.

Top 5 GTA 5 Mods download

It makes the rockets go faster and does more damage at the same time. With the modded Homing Launcher, players of GTA 5 can destroy tanks with just one or two shots. The mod also extends the range of locks, which lets players shoot down planes.

1) FiveM

FiveM is one of the most famous frameworks for mods that other mods use to run. Many players use it to play GTA 5 RP, which is an unofficial way to play the game in group mode. Everyone can use the framework for free, and players can get FiveM mods from its main website.

To use the FiveM framework, you must own a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto 5. The developers also say that players should have powerful enough hardware to run the modded games smoothly. Once you have it loaded, you can join any RP lobby to play games and have fun.



GTA 5 has a large modding community, with third-party writers creating mods for the game for almost a decade. In 2023, the top five GTA 5 mods include the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, HD Low-End, Realistic acceleration and top speed, Powerful Homing Launcher, and FiveM.

The Note 7 bomb mod allows players to use the phone as a bomb, change its color and background, and run the game at high-resolution settings. The Realistic Top Speed and Acceleration mod restores cars to their original speed and top speeds, while the Powerful Homing Launcher patch restores the Homing Missile’s former greatness.

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