Top 5 GTA Online Features That You Might Not Know About

Top 5 GTA Online Features: The game GTA Online has been around for almost ten years. Most players probably don’t use (or don’t even know about) some of the tools. This piece will talk about five of the most well-known cases. Emailing other people on, using ATMs in person, and washing your car all get honorable mentions. There are more lost things than just the ones on this list.

All of the things on this list are either easy for the average gamer to miss or too useless for them to use more than once. No one would likely use even one of the following features daily, let alone all five.

5) Going to a Theater to Watch a Movie

This function is only useful for players who do their Daily Objectives every day because they might get a task called “Go to the Movies.” Movie theaters are places that almost no one else goes to. They aren’t used for anything useful, like GTA Online money glitches, and there aren’t any big activities besides watching movies.

Top 5 GTA Online features

All of the movies here are the same as the ones in Grand Theft Auto V. If a player is bored, they could think about going to a Cinema to watch a movie. Still, there are a lot of fun things to do elsewhere that are better.

4) Showers

Even though showers are important in real life, it’s easy to forget that the main characters in GTA Online can also quickly clean themselves in their homes. In this game, taking a shower is important for two main reasons:

  • You can sing to earn RP
  • It removes bleeding and treats other wounds.

If you are in a public game and have voice chat on, it would be embarrassing to sing for RP. Not only that but getting 20 RP is not a big deal compared to other things you can do in this game. It’s easy to forget that showers can be used, especially when the benefits are so small.

3) Arm Wrestling

In GTA Online, people don’t often play games like tennis and golf. But Arm Wrestling has been forgotten even more than those two. It’s not very interesting to watch, and in the real world, it’s even less popular than tennis and golf.

Top 5 GTA Online features

The controls for arm wrestling are more repetitive than those for the other two games. As far as this one feature goes, you can get a small amount of RP from it, but it will be hard to find another player who wants to play with you, let alone play more than one round.

2) Lester’s Locate Car/Boat/Plane/Helicopter

Lester is a very useful person to call in GTA Online, especially because he can remove any Wanted Level for a low price. Smart players, on the other hand, would notice that they have a few choices with him during this phone call, such as:

  • Locate Car
  • Locate Boat
  • Locate Plane
  • Locate Helicopter

In the new GTA Online, none of these functions are useful. Finding a nearby car is unusual enough, but if you don’t return it within 12 in-game hours, you’ll get a Wanted Level. Also, don’t forget that you can’t choose which car you want to find.

Players should call the Mechanic or use the Interaction Menu to spawn whatever free cars they can use.

1) Sleeping in Beds

In Grand Theft Auto 5, sleeping is very important because it lets the player move ahead six to twelve hours, based on which protagonist they made sleep. On the other hand, this function is much less useful in GTA Online. When you try to make your character sleep in that game, they just lie in bed and do nothing.

Getting rid of bruises isn’t much of a prize, especially since it has no effect on your health. In this game, there are a lot of places with beds, but the reason to use them isn’t important enough to bother with. At the very least, staying in the Agency lets you be close to Chop, which is kind of cute.

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