GTA RP Vs GTA Online: 5 Reasons Why Role-playing is More Fun Than Online Multiplayer in 2023

If you check out Twitch or other sites like it, you’ll see that GTA RP is much more popular than GTA Online. That might seem strange since the first one is a group of unofficial sites and the second one is an official Rockstar game. But acting is more fun for players in a number of ways, some of which will be talked about below.

Obviously, the number of famous streamers who play on one of the servers to their viewers is the main reason why GTA RP is so popular. This piece gives five other examples, so that would be just one of them. Everything here was true in 2023, so if GTA Online becomes more famous in the future, it won’t change anything here.

Because of the following, GTA RP is more famous than GTA Online: Here are five illustrations:

1) Difference in the Number of Servers and Updates

It’s not just one game. There are millions of computers, and many of them get updates. So, the roleplaying scene is pretty new, and one of those sites always has something new to do. This small difference is very different from what Rockstar’s legal name does.

GTA Online is one game that gets about two big changes a year and a lot of small ones every week. One problem with this method is that many of the weekly reports are very boring. This means that some weeks will be boring and uninteresting, especially since there won’t be much to film.

GTA RP vs GTA Online: 5 reasons why role-playing is more fun than online multiplayer in 2023

As has happened with a few old GTA Online money problems, some updates can get rid of the few fun things to do when nothing else is going on.

2) Most Streamers Enjoy Roleplaying

When people think of famous players who play Grand Theft Auto, they usually think of people like xQc who play GTA RP. Far less often do popular people play GTA Online regularly. Even the most popular YouTubers who talk about that game are not as big as the biggest roleplayers.

Part of the reason for this is that acting is more fun to watch because it can go in any direction. The unpredictable things that happen on these servers are a big part of why streamers need to keep their viewers interested. Not only that, but a lot of streamers like to play with their friends, and it just so happens that they all play on sites like NoPixel.

3) Structure With No Endpoint

This part has to do with how different GTA RP is on different sites. Not only that, but each server will have its own group of players, with many of them not having any people who play on both. When you add these things to the fact that roleplaying can go in any direction, each player’s game could be different.

GTA RP vs GTA Online: 5 reasons why role-playing is more fun than online multiplayer in 2023

GTA Online is a lot easier to play than GTA 3. The meta hasn’t changed in a long time, and since that game doesn’t have an open-ended plot, most people will have the same experiences.

4) Roleplaying Has Features That Online Doesn’t Have

Aside from the fact that most people won’t roleplay in GTA Online, there are a few other things about what most GTA RP sites use that are worth mentioning:

  • Advanced inventory system
  • Several new vehicles, including material that only donors can see, have been added.
  • Several orders, such as “carry other people,”
  • When you have zero HP left, advanced injuries mean you have to wait for rescue teams.
  • Job activities

Since each server is different, not all of them have the same features, such as some brand-new innards. No matter what, most of the main features of GTA Online are also available on GTA RP servers. Even though there are no missions, that’s not much of a loss when you think about all the new stuff in GTA RP.

5) More Focus on Multiplayer

With the most recent changes, GTA Online is easier to play by yourself. Even though that’s great for some people, this trend can be boring for people who like to talk to other people. People usually stick to Invite Only Sessions, which makes sense since griefers can cause trouble too easily in this game.

Griefers are usually kicked off the good GTA RP sites by the admins. It’s also important to note that roleplaying would be pointless if you played on one of these sites by yourself since you wouldn’t have anyone to talk to. Most of the time, acting in a fan-made Grand Theft Auto server is more interesting than playing with tryhards Online.

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