God of War: Remake for PS5 – How Sony Could Make It Happen or Why It Won’t Happen

God of War is a video game that needs a remake for the next generation. It should be handled just like Resident Evil 4. The God of War trilogy reboot has been talked about a lot in the past two to three years. But neither Sony nor Santa Monica Studio said anything publicly about the matter. So, the chance of a raise stays low, but it’s never zero.

The updated version of God of War III is the only game from the first three that you can play on either PS4 or PS5. Because of this, younger players who don’t have access to older-generation consoles can’t play the first parts of the game.

Even though the 2018 God of War series has a different story, you need to finish the first three games to understand where Kratos came from and how he changed as a person. The character’s past could help the players feel more connected to the character.

A remake is a good way to solve this problem for younger people who didn’t grow up in the 90s or early 2000s.

The Amazing Trailer for the New God of War

God of War fans were at their most excited and hyped when this concept video came out on YouTube a year ago to the day. Even though it was made by a fan, the video looked great and gave us a glimpse of what could happen.

Check Out: GOD OF WAR Remake Trailer

The video shows how a remake of God of War for the next generation would look and feel with the help of Unreal Engine 5. The end result is a treat to look at, with bright colors, realistic character models, and beautiful landscape design with reflections that look like real life.

God of War: Remake for PS5

The trailer managed to keep the essence of the first GOW games, which is sure to make fans feel nostalgic.

From the comments, it’s clear that many people would spend money on a copy, even though they’ve already played the originals.

What to Expect From the Remake of God of War?

If there is ever a God of War remake for PS5, we might see the following:

Next-Gen Visuals: When a game is remade for the next generation, the visuals are always the first thing to be updated. Character makeovers, better lighting, better scenery, a wider range of colors, a higher polygon (nanite) count, and other things should be included in the package.

Modern UI and Controls: The old, clunky controls and user interface could be replaced with a more modern method. This should make the game much more fun to play as a whole. On the other hand, the developers may or may not keep the same camera views as the original games.

Better Storytelling: The God of War series has great lore because it mostly takes from Greek myths. But there were a few story holes and unfinished parts that the remake could fix. We saw a similar thing happen with the remake of Resident Evil 4, where the makers had to make a few changes to the old story.


God of War III is a popular video game that could benefit from a remake for the next generation, similar to Resident Evil 4. The updated version is only available on PS4 or PS5, making it difficult for younger players without older consoles to play the first parts.

A God of War remake could include next-gen visuals, modern UI and controls, and better storytelling, similar to Resident Evil 4. The game’s potential appeal to younger players and fans of the original series is high.

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