GTA 5: The 5 Fastest Muscle Cars and Their Locations

5 Fastest Muscle Cars in Gta 5: In both Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online, muscle cars have a special group of fans, and many players can be seen driving them around the map. Rockstar Games put a lot of them in Story Mode, and most of them were free for players to drive. Car fans also care a lot about speed, and only a few of the strong cars in the game are faster than the rest.

But it’s hard to find them because the game makes mediocre cars more often. Because of this, getting fast power cars is a quest in and of itself. This piece lists the five fastest muscle cars that players can drive for free in GTA 5 Story Mode.

Five of the fastest muscle cars in GTA 5’s Story Mode and their locations:-

1) Vapid Pißwasser Dominator

The yellow Pißwasser racing paint is already on the Vapid Pißwasser Dominator, which is a special car. It is the most powerful muscle car in GTA 5, and it can go as fast as 126.50 mph (203.58 km/h). The car has a V8 engine and a gearbox with five speeds.

5 Fastest Muscle Cars in Gta 5
Vapid Pißwasser Dominator

For players to get the Vapid Pißwasser Dominator, they have to win the third Stock Car Race. After that, it can be chosen from each protagonist’s garage’s Special Vehicles options. Other than this, there is no other way in the game to get the special powerful car.

2) Vapid Dominator

The Vapid Dominator is a stylish muscle car built on the fifth-generation Ford Mustang. It is a free roam car that can be found near the Los Santos International Airport, Rockford Hills, and the Los Santos Customs garage in Burton. The people who play GTA 5 can just steal it and put it in their sheds.

It is one of the cars in GTA 5 that can be changed the most. When it’s fully improved, the Vapid Dominator can go as fast as 193.52 km/h (120.25 mph). It has a Supercharged V8 engine with 450cui (7.4L) of displacement and a five-speed gearbox.

3) Imponte Ruiner

The Imponte Ruiner is a muscle car that is best known for the loud sound it makes when it revs up. It’s a classic car from the series that also showed up in GTA 4. When the car is fully improved in Grand Theft Auto 5 Story Mode, it can go as fast as 118.75 mph (191.11 km/h).

5 Fastest Muscle Cars in Gta 5
Imponte Ruiner

It is a common car on the streets and is easy to find near Rockford Hills, Little Seoul, Strawberry, Davis, Sandy Shores, and Los Santos Customs garages. Many fans of Grand Theft Auto 6 also think that Rockstar Games will put the car in the next game.

4) Bravado Redwood Gauntlet

The Bravado Redwood Gauntlet is a unique car that can be unlocked in GTA 5 Story Mode after you win the second Stock Car Race. It already has a race livery for Redwood Cigarettes that gives the muscle car a unique look. It is like the Bravado Gauntlet, but better.

When the car is fully improved, it can go as fast as 118.70 km/h (117.25 mph). It has a V8 engine with a big air filter in the shape of a cylinder placed on the engine block. It’s one of the best race cars in GTA 5 because it has five gears and drives on the back wheels.

5) Declassé Burger Shot Stallion

In Grand Theft Auto 5, the Declasse Burger Shot Stallion is a racing car that, when fully improved, can go as fast as 113.25 mph or 182.26 km/h. It has a twin-cam V8 engine that is 5.7 liters (347ci) in size, a five-speed transmission, and a rear-wheel

If you win the first Stock Car Race in Story Mode in GTA 5, you can get the car for free. After that, you can get it from the “Special Vehicles” menu in the storage of each main character. It is one of the best cars to drive around the map.

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